How to Choose the Right Ovulation Calculator Method for You

How to Choose the Right Ovulation Calculator Method

Are you planning to start a family or maybe just seeking to understand your menstrual cycle better? One of the most crucial aspects of achieving pregnancy or better understanding your overall health is tracking ovulation! Ovulation, the release of an egg from the ovaries, occurs once in every menstrual cycle.

Fortunately, thanks to many advances in FemTech, there are various ovulation calculator methods available to help pinpoint this critical phase accurately.

With so many ovulation calculator methods to choose from, it can be overwhelming to know which one is the right one. That's why we created this helpful guide for you to easily compare the strengths and limitations of each method - ovulation tests, basal body temperature charting, and progesterone (PdG) tests.

They can even be used to calculate ovulation for irregular periods. 

Below are the strengths and limitations of each ovulation calculator. You can even use two or all of them together to get even more accurate results to empower you on your fertility journey.


Comparison of ovulation tests vs basal body temperature vs progesterone tests

 Medically Reviewed by Dr. Patti Haebe, Senior Medical Advisor

Updated June 20, 2023

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