Efficiency and Accuracy Both Matter: Ovulation and Period Tracking

Studies show that the majority of women from ages 20 to 45 use a period tracker app to keep up with their health status and fertility tracking. An ovulation tracker app is just as important as a period tracker app. Tracking these two important signs of ovulation together will help you greatly improve both your accuracy and efficiency. Why? The key reason is because a normal woman’s luteal phase (the phase after ovulation day till the next period day) will naturally be the same number of days, not fluctuating even one day.

Here is how they are interrelated:

Next Ovulation Day (X) = Next Period Day(Y) - Luteal Phase Length (Z)
Next Period Day( Y) = Current Ovulation Day (X)+ Luteal Phase Length (Z)

So, with any of the two numbers confirmed, you or the Premom app will calculate the third number and predict the next ovulation day or next period day.

Accuracy helps the efficiency. How? Let’s give an ideal example. If you have seen 100% accuracy of both the period prediction day and the ovulation prediction day with Premom, you could just do an ovulation test before and on the predicted ovulation day to verify it - the number of ovulation testing days will be cut from 20 to 2.

Reality has never been this ideal. However, it is possible for you to get your highest accuracy.

A common root cause of inaccurate predictions is inaccurate data input. Some women will forget to log their period start day; more will forget to log their period end day. And some just forget to log their new period at all.

Keep in mind: accurate prediction is not possible if the app doesn't have the accurate and updated record, unless the user has a very regular cycle that doesn’t change at all.

Premom will keep analyzing your pattern with all of the data input. Your new input will help the app adjust its previous analysis and optimize the calculation for you. The more Premom understands you, the higher the accuracy you will get.

With the accuracy of prediction getting higher, it is proven that Premom understands you better. For example, when you see the difference between the predicted period start day and the actual period start day is dropping from 8 days to 1 day as you continue to use the app, it signals that the AI of Premom is working for you and is on the right track.

You are going to be ultimately empowered to take charge of your fertility cycle and health with the least data logging: just the ovulation day, period start day and period end day.

You’ll also have both accuracy and efficiency, and you know how important it is to have both.

Updated May 1, 2019

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