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Best Ovulation Test Strips

Easy@Home strips take the simple, straightforward collection process of a strip test, and combine it...

Best Ovulation Tests Of 2023

Forbes Health editorial team identified the best tests after analyzing data on more than 30...

The Best Ovulation Test Strips of 2023 To Empower Your Fertility Journey

Our top product on the list, Easy@Home Ovulation Test Strips, provides an accurate and reliable...

Do fertility trackers and apps actually help when trying to conceive?

The "femtech" industry, which merges technology and algorithms to track reproductive health, is tapping into...

These Are The Best Fertility Apps For Keeping Track Of *Everything*

If you’re trying to get pregnant, then knowing how to track ovulation is one of...

Babylist's Picks for Best Ovulation Tests

Ovulation predictor kits can help determine when you’re most fertile & boost your chances of...

The 8 Best Ovulation Tests of 2023

Premom App got ranked as the best app for ovulation tests!

13 Best Pregnancy Apps for Every Expectant Mom

BambooBamboo has collected the best pregnancy apps that will help you in every stage of...

Improve your chances of natural conception drastically with Premom’s simple, effective, and affordable solution

Rated as one of 2020's most trustworthy companies, Premom is helping couples fulfill their baby...

Top 10 Best Ovulation Tests 2023

Easy@Home Ovulation and Pregnancy Test Kit gets named best overall!

7+ Most Reliable Ovulation Apps

Premom was listed in Pretty Progressive's 7+ Most Reliable Ovulation Apps!

Premom Ovulation Calculator App – The First Quantitative Ovulation Tracker

Thanks GagetGram for reviewing Premom as a "perfect solution for women who wish to take...

TTC? These Are The 8 Best Ovulation Tests To Take Home

Rated as the top digital ovulation predictor kit and app to use for trying to...

I Tested 8 Period Trackers and Here Are My Thoughts and Favorites

"Premom is my favorite because it has been the only one to actually be accurate...

The 10 Best Fertility Monitors of 2023

We are rated as one of the top ovulation testing monitors and basal thermometer!

Three best ovulation tests

Ranked best of the best ovulation tests! They love how our tests come with a...

8 Best Fertility Products In 2023 To Help You Conceive

Easy@Home ovulation tests and Premom app ranked #1 on the best fertility products to help...

Best Ovulation Tests - Buying Guide

Our test strips were ranked #1 in GistGear's list!

Trying to Conceive? You Need These Ovulation Tests

Our test strips were featured in this article from Sheknows!

Best Fertility Tests - Buying Guide

Several of our products were featured in GistGear's list!

Best Family Planning Tests - Buying Guide

Several of our products were featured in GistGear's list!

Easy@Home Ovulation Test Sticks

Easy@Home Ovulation Test Sticks are simple and easy to use, offering quick results at a...

Best Basal Thermometers - Buying Guide

Both of our fertility thermometers are ranked in GistGear's list!

Best Ovulation Predictor Kits Of 2022

Mom n Kids blog has rated our ovulation tests as a top ovulation test kit!

The Best Ovulation Test Strips to Help Monitor Your Cycle

We were ranked #1 for our ovulation tests by Stylecaster! Check it out.

Best Ovulation Tests

Ovulation tests can help you find your fertile window to determine when baby-making is most...

Press Releases

Premom Easy@Home Named Top Ovulation Test Strips by The Bump

Premom Easy@Home Ovulation Strips Honored as Part of 2023 Best of The Bump Awards

Response to the FTC Settlement
May 17, 2023

Easy Healthcare’s Response to the FTC Settlement

E-Technology Satisfying Both Patients and Clinicians in a Study of 104 Patients Trying to Conceive
March 12, 2021

Fertility tracking apps are “satisfying both clinicians and patients” for timelier virtual care. Patients monitoring...

Premom Launches First Data-Based Fertility Telehealth
July 1, 2020

The first in-app data-based virtual consultation program. Fertility consultants can remotely analyze the home testing...

First-of-Its-Kind Fertility App to Quantify Women’s LH Hormone Level to Get Real-Time Ovulation Prediction
August 22, 2019

Premom has already helped 18,000 women get pregnant naturally without the need to seek medical...

Premom Helps Women Get Pregnant Naturally and Sooner
May 8, 2018

Premom, a new ovulation prediction app designed to help women get pregnant naturally, has recently...

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