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Ovulation Test Reader

Snap a picture of your ovulation test, upload to Premom, and get instant results with accurate readings of low, high and peak. Easily know your chance at pregnancy.

Smart Fertility & Ovulation Charting

Premom’s all-in-one chart tracks your ovulation, period, and BBT to better time intercourse for pregnancy. No more guessing when your most fertile days are.

Understand Your Unique Cycle Patterns

2 physician-designed and interpreted cycle reports to learn how to optimize your cycles.

166% Higher Chance of Pregnancy

With thousands of real case studies, Premom's 9-Cycle Money-Back Guarantee program helps users achieve a 166% higher pregnancy rate compared to those who haven’t joined. Get pregnant in 9 cycles or get your money back.

Expert Advice & Insights at Home

Explore countless expert- created content, ask your fertility questions, or meet virtually with a fertility specialist for a more personalized fertility care experience.

Supportive In-App Community

Join over 670,000 Premom members to share your journey, ask anonymous questions, and find advice from preconception through pregnancy.

Reviews From Our Community

  • “My husband and I had been TTC for 6 months with no success before discovering this app. We got pregnant our FIRST try with Premom. It OBVIOUSLY works!”

    -Stephanie M.

  • “I used Premom and we got pregnant on our first try (I assumed it would take more than one try)! Premom was accurate and easy to use.”

    -Courtney B.

  • “Got pregnant the first month using this! Before this app, I went off another app on my phone, which said ovulation is day 14. It turns out that I didn’t actually ovulate until day 16. So Worth it!”

    -Brittany L.

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