How to Get Pregnant Fast — ovulation tests

How to Choose Your Own Ovulation Test

There are three basic types of ovulation tests: ovulation strips, digital ovulation tests, and midstream ovulation tests. Determining the best ovulation kit for you is important to your ovulation test experience. How to choose an ovulation test brand depends on your goal and personal preference.  Updated May 1, 2019 

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How to Get Pregnant Fast

  To get pregnant fast, the most important question is: When do you ovulate? This is when the ovary releases the egg so that it can be potentially fertilized by a sperm cell. The five days leading up to ovulation, ovulation day, and the day after ovulation day are the only days that you can get pregnant. You generally have a higher chance of pregnancy the closer you are to ovulation day. While there are some free ovulation calculators that will give you an estimate of when you ovulate by using some ovulation symptoms that you can monitor, the majority of women will...

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