3 Tips to Use BBT to Find Ovulation Day

Feb 2, 2022 | Amanda Aubin and Medically reviewed by Dr. Patti Haebe, N.M.D.

Are you interested in tracking your basal body temperature to confirm ovulation or predict your next menstrual cycle  but not sure how to get started?  Premom is here to help with its digital basal body thermometer chart. These are our top 3 tips to use the BBT chart to your advantage.

Whether using the BBT chart for ovulation or  BBT chart trying to conceive, it is an easy at-home method to help confirm that ovulation has occurred. This allows users to know that their bodies are ovulating properly and regularly. When used in combination with period tracking, this method can also confirm that the period calculator you are using is accurate.

Tip 1; take your temperature daily

Tip #1: Take your temperature every day

BBT tracking is not like ovulation tests. It depends on consistent daily data. You can find a consistent temperature shift during your full ovulation cycle. 

Tip 2; take your temperature at the same time every day

Tip #2: Take your temperature at the same time every day

BBT is your resting temperature, and you need to take it before you even leave the bed upon waking. 

Even more than a half hour time difference can affect your results; we're talking about tenths of a degree.

It's also important to get at least 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep before you take your temperature. 

Tip 3; Use Premom app to do charting interpretation for you

Tip #3: Use the Premom app

To do the charting interpretation for you. Premom will identify your BBT spike, graph your temps and create your coverline.

Bonus Tips

Turn on the BBT reminder in your Premom app so you don’t forget to take your temperature! BBT remains high if there is a pregnancy.

Use a Premom app to track your BBT and confirm your ovulation!

Who should take BBT tracking besides ovulation tests?

We highly recommend BBT for women who have PCOS, a short LH surge, or low LH surge levels, because these women can use a BBT chart paired with ovulation tests to confirm that ovulation has occurred.

You can identify both the pre-ovulation and post-ovulation phases in your chart. And, if you get the Easy@Home Smart Basal Thermometer Premom will even automatically input your data for you. Just take your temperature and check your chart. 

Use a Premom app to track your BBT and confirm your ovulation!


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