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What Is It?

Premom is an innovative fertility app designed to help women achieve pregnancy naturally and quickly. The first of its kind, it integrates biotech, medical research and artificial intelligence technology to give each user an accurate, precise and holistic look at their ovulation cycle, period and basal body temperature fluctuation. This helps users understand their unique cycle patterns and ultimately learn their most fertile days.


The data that the Premom app collects optimizes for personalized solutions and services for every woman. Users receive the most insightful knowledge on when they ovulate (the most important factor when trying to get pregnant) and have access to professional guidance along their journey to pregnancy.


Who Is It For?

Premom is for women and families who are trying to conceive naturally as well as those looking for affordable and easily accessible personalized resources for finding abnormalities in their fertility cycles.



Why Is It Important?

One in five families experience difficulties conceiving a baby. Until Premom, fertility apps lacked smart technology which led to inaccurate predictions of fertile windows and a guessing game that made the process of conceiving inefficient. Born out of the need to solve issues women face in the reproductive health sector, Premom presents the first intelligent digital reader and AI-powered algorithm capable of quantifying data from three real biomarkers: ovulation tests, basal body temperature and period. It gives real-time predictions and a comprehensive view of hormone changes and cycle progression on one simple chart. Premom is a gamechanger for women needing straightforward, quick, affordable and accurate reproductive solutions.


App Features:

Ovulation Test Reader

For the past six years, Premom’s Easy@Home ovulation tests have been a best seller on Amazon with over 63,000 reviews. Users upload photos of their ovulation tests to the Premom app and get instant quantified hormone level results with accurate readings of low, high and peak ovulation. This helps them know their chances of pregnancy on a daily basis.


Smart Fertility And Ovulation Charting

Premom’s interface features an automatic all-in-one color-coded chart that allows users to visualize their entire menstrual cycle. Individuals simply log their BBT and LH tests, and the Premom app automatically charts the data allowing users to accurately and precisely pinpoint the best times for intercourse to achieve pregnancy.


Physician-Designed And Interpreted Reporting

Premom offers two types of personalized cycle reports – cycle analysis and cycle comparison – to bring each user sophisticated insight on their unique cycle patterns and ultimately optimize their personal journey.


Money-Back Guarantee Program

Our guarantee program is free to join and has shown to improve users' pregnancy rates compared to those who are not in the program. When people purchase our Easy@Home or Premom branded products and are unable to achieve pregnancy after six cycles, they get access to a complimentary 30-minute consultation with a fertility expert to determine a complete reproductive health solution. If a pregnancy is still not achieved after nine cycles, the user gets a full refund of any ovulation and pregnancy test purchases.


Access To Real Fertility Experts

Premom offers data-based virtual consultation services. Fertility experts can remotely analyze the home testing data, charts and other symptoms to provide a more relevant and effective solution to patients. Previously, such data-powered consulting was only available from in-office visits and testing. The app also provides expert-created content and options to ask a fertility specialist questions with a response time of one business day, creating a personalized fertility care experience.


Supportive In-App Community

Over 670,000 Premom members use the app to share parts of their journey, ask anonymous questions and find advice from preconception through pregnancy.


Premium Service Option

Our premium service is a game changer in the realm of fertility apps. Premium members receive a free best-seller ovulation test kit, physician designed reports, access to fertility experts through live Q/A webinars, on-demand Ask An Expert service, exclusive access to a growing database of fertility questions answered by experts, a cycle chart gallery of irregular cycle patterns to compare to and personalized content.


Who Founded Premom?

Sherry Liu and Li Zou co-founded Premom in November 2017. Driven by the need to solve problems within the reproductive health sphere, Sherry has been innovating the fertility industry for over 18 years. Li’s 20 years of experience in software development, management, marketing and data analysis have helped him achieve great success in establishing and leading international multifunctional startup teams in the digital health and e-commerce sectors.
Prior to Premom, Sherry and Li co-founded Easy Healthcare Corporation (EHC) in 2013 and led it to be one of the top online personal and healthcare solution providers. Both Sherry and Li’s successes have come from their deep understanding of their customers and passion for solving their clients’ pain points with the help of product and digital technology integrations.


Want To Learn More?

Find more information about the Premom app at The app is available for iPhones in the app store and on Google Play for Android users. You can download Premom logos and app images here.
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