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Premom's Mission: achieve the highest pregnancy success rate of any fertility app.

Premom Fertility app was created and developed by the founder of Easy Healthcare Corporation, which has successfully sold over 100 million ovulation tests since 2013 with its first brand easy@Home, a notable 5-year Amazon.com best seller.

Originally, Premom was built with the inspiration of thousands of successfully pregnant women who have used the easy@Home ovulation tests. Then led by its founder and CEO, Sherry Liu, the Premom team continually upgrades its solutions around user feedback. Now the team is dedicated to its mission to achieve the highest pregnancy success rate of any fertility app.

How is this mission achievable by Premom?

Premom has followed a simple but important strategy: make one solution work, listen closely to our customers, and make improvements quickly. Thanks to millions of customers, we have rare data resources from over 100 million ovulation test sales and millions of fertility records from the Premom app. It offers us a unique advantage in being able to look more closely into unknown fertility issues and to continue to create solutions that help more families.   

As Premom keeps upgrading, it has naturally become a game changer in Femtech (female technology).

From one of our most valuable data studies, we found that similar consistent patterns led to very high conception success rates, and others led to much lower. We knew we could apply those successful patterns to those struggling families.  

So, we created a pregnancy guarantee program. It not only brings confidence to customers, but also delivers a powerful message of our confidence in our products.

With personalized guidance and progress reports, users will be empowered with more confidence during their natural conception journey. With a promise of a full refund, users will be relieved from financial and emotional anxiety.    

“I believe it will change the game of the fertility world and will help millions more families have their baby dreams come true faster and easier,” says founder Sherry Liu.

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