9-Cycle Pregnancy Guarantee: Get Pregnant or Get Paid

What is Premom’s 9-Cycle Pregnancy Guarantee?

Our 9-cycle guarantee program is our promise to help you achieve your highest chance of a natural pregnancy. If you are not able to conceive in 9 cycles, you will get a full refund of all your easy@Home or Premom branded ovulation and pregnancy test purchases (hereafter called eligible products).

You’ll get a full refund if the following conditions are met:

1. You signed-up for our 9-cycle guarantee program.
2. You uploaded your ovulation and pregnancy test results to the Premom app in each cycle’s menstrual cycle.
3. Your LH peak was detected and appeared in your Premom chart in each cycle.
4. You had intercourse on at least one of your peak fertility days and ovulation day in each menstrual cycle and logged it in Premom.
5. You did not get pregnant after 9 complete cycles upon starting this program. These complete cycles do not need to be consecutive, as long as a 2-cycle gap is not exceeded.
6. You are the original purchaser of all eligible products and your Order ID is searchable by us from Amazon.com, Walmart.com, Premom.com, Healthcare-manager.com, or any other stores authorized or owned by Easy@Home and Premom.
7. The quantity of eligible products submitted for a refund does not exceed 150% of your uploaded tests on the Premom app.

If the above conditions are met, you may submit a refund form. By submitting this refund form, you allow Premom to have access to your chart history to review whether or not you have met all of the refund criteria. The Premom team will process the refund after they verify the above conditions are met. According to the requirements of the 9-cycle pregnancy guarantee, all of your data and test results must be authentic. Modifying past cycle's data or tests can result in the loss of the listed privileges.

You are also eligible for the following privileges after signing up for the program:

  1. Free consultation after 6 months of trying and not getting pregnant; the consultation service is only available to users within the US and Canada, unless otherwise notified. Be sure to keep the scheduled 6-cycle fertility appointment. Premom will only compensate for one fertility consultation as part of the guarantee program, whether or not the Premom user is in attendance.  
  2. Personalized progress report and cycle report
  3. More accurate analytics and prediction
  4. Personalized & VIP care
  5. Insights relevant to your unique cycle

Since our algorithm has been developed based on easy@Home and Premom brand ovulation tests, the privileges of the 9-cycle pregnancy guarantee are only offered to users of these brands.

Why should I believe the guarantee will work for me?

We studied all recorded pregnant women’s data at Premom and found that over 90% of those users who found their LH peak were using ovulation tests. We further studied all women who have successfully found LH Peak and who haven’t.

For those who haven’t found LH peak:
1. 94% tested only 3 days or less each cycle;
2. 78% stopped uploading any tests to Premom shortly within one cycle

For those users who successfully found LH peak:
1. 85% of them tested 5+ days each cycle until they found the LH peak.
2. 83% of them consistently uploaded ovulation tests to Premom and found peak in just 3 cycles.

You can see that those who were not yet successful were just one step away from their success. Sadly, many quit when they were so close to getting pregnant.

So, Premom developed the Pregnancy Guarantee Program. We have faith in you, and so will you. Most likely you will just need 3 cycles commitment.  And this commitment is so simple: just keep testing for 5+ days per cycle for up to 3 cycles!

It is true, some women have complications that might interfere with fertility regardless of correct tracking. But according to CDC data, “The percent of married women ages 15-44 that are infertile is 8.8%”, which means over 91.2% of women ages 15-44 are fertile and can get pregnant naturally.  Interestingly, we found from our study that about 92% of successfully pregnant women found their LH peak.

So, our plan is to first achieve the 93% pregnancy success rate with the 9-cycle pregnancy guarantee, which has never been achieved by any organization. Then, we will work on the infertility solution to achieve an even higher success rate.

Your commitment is the key! The more commitment, the sooner you will see the magic happens.

Download Premom today and get started!

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