9-Cycle Money-Back Guarantee Program

What is Premom’s 9-Cycle Money-Back Guarantee?

Our 9-Cycle Money-Back Guarantee program is our way to help you achieve your highest chance of a natural pregnancy. If you are not able to get pregnant (conceive) in 9 cycles, you will get a full refund of all your Easy@Home or Premom branded ovulation and pregnancy test purchases and basal thermometers (hereafter called “eligible products”).

  • Easy@Home or Premom branded ovulation and pregnancy tests
  • Easy@Home branded digital and smart basal thermometers.

Please note that Premom App, Easy@Home and Premom products cannot guarantee pregnancy. However, we can provide you with the optional opt-in privileges and promise to reimburse you for your eligible products used for the cycles you didn’t conceive.

You’ll get a full refund if the following conditions are met:

  1. You have signed-up for our 9-cycle money-back guarantee program.
  2. You are a resident of and currently located in one of the following countries: United States, Canada, Germany, Italy, France, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Mexico, Belgium Sweden, or Poland. We reserve the right to modify the list of eligible countries at any time without prior notice.
  3. You have uploaded your ovulation and pregnancy test results or recorded your basal body temperature to the Premom app in each cycle’s menstrual cycle.
  4. Your luteinizing hormone (LH) peak was detected and appeared in your Premom chart in each cycle OR your basal body temperature (BBT) spike and coverline were detected and appeared in your Premom chart in each cycle.

To get a LH peak in the Premom app:

  • An LH surge is easily detected if your LH surge reaches the standard cutoff of 25-45 mIU/mL (a T/C ratio of 1.0 or above). However, when the LH surge doesn't reach the standard average cutoff level, the test line isn’t always as dark or darker than the control line. Viewing the progression can still help you to pinpoint the peak by starting from your baseline.
  • If you have this situation, you can do more consecutive testing and find the darkest line from all the test lines. That’s your actual peak time.
  • For more details and to learn more about the 2 types of LH surges, please refer to "How to Get Pregnant Fast.

To obtain a coverline in the Premom app, ideally, certain criteria should be met based on the logged basal body temperature. These criteria are as follows:

  • The first six consecutive temperatures should be lower than the next three consecutive temperatures, often referred to as the "6 low, 3 high" pattern.
  • The difference between the highest temperature among the previous six temperatures and the lowest temperature among the next three should be equal to or great than 0.5ºF (0.2ºC).
  • To enable Premom to display the BBT spike and draw a coverline, it is suggested that you record at least nine consecutive temperatures in the app. You can either manually enter the basal temperature from any basal thermometer you are using or use the Easy@Home basal thermometer, which automatically syncs with Premom via Bluetooth.
  • For more detailed instructions, please refer to "How Basal Body Temperature Works as an Ovulation Calculator."
5. You have had intercourse on your peak fertility day and ovulation day in each menstrual cycle and logged it in Premom. Peak fertility day is defined as the day your ovulation tests reach their highest detected luteinizing hormone level which generally occurs 24-36 hours before ovulation day.
-You did not get pregnant after 9 complete cycles upon starting this program. A cycle is the first day of your period and the last day before the start of your next period. A ‘complete’ cycle is defined as achieving green bars which appear if you have properly uploaded ovulation tests and pregnancy tests and found LH peak OR logged BBT and found the BBT spike and coverline. - You must have had intercourse on your peak fertility day and ovulation day in each menstrual cycle and logged the activity in Premom during the cycle. These complete cycles do not need to be consecutive, as long as a 2-cycle gap is not exceeded.

- You are the original purchaser of all eligible products and your Order ID is searchable by us from Amazon.com, Walmart.com, Premom.com, Healthcare-manager.com, or any other stores authorized or owned by Easy@Home and Premom.
- The quantity of eligible products submitted for a refund does not exceed 150% of your uploaded tests on the Premom app.

If the above conditions are met, you may submit a refund form. By submitting this refund form, you allow Premom to have access to your chart history to review whether or not you have met all of the refund criteria. The Premom team will process the refund after they verify the above conditions are met.
**Note: According to the requirements of this program, we will need your Order ID to be submitted when you send a refund request. Please make sure not to delete it from your purchase channel — or be sure to save it, if deletion is necessary.**

You are also eligible for the following privileges after signing up for the program:

  1. If you are an iOS device user, a free consultation after 6 complete cycles of trying and not getting pregnant upon starting the money-back guarantee program.* In order to qualify for a consultation:
  • You must fulfill 6 green bars. Green bars appear if you have properly uploaded eligible products to find your LH peak or BBT spike, had intercourse on your peak fertility day and ovulation day in each menstrual cycle, and logged the activity in Premom during the cycle.
  • You must use Easy@Home and/or Premom brand products for all cycles

*The consultation service is currently only available to users with an iOS device within the United States, unless otherwise stated. Premom will only compensate for one fertility consultation as part of the guarantee program, whether or not the Premom user is in attendance.

  1. Refund on eligible products after 9 cycles, and not getting pregnant using Premom app and eligible products
  2. More accurate analytics and prediction*

*More precise and accurate predictions come from continuously uploading ovulation tests and BBT data for at least 9 cycles together with the Premom app as well as following the program’s conditions each cycle.

  1. Personal cycle insights

**Note: According to the requirements of the 9-cycle money-back guarantee, all of your data and test results must be authentic. Modifying past cycle's data or tests can result in the loss of the listed privileges, including your money-back on all eligible products.**

For further information on Premom’s 9-Cycle Money-Back Guarantee, please read our Terms of Service.

Why should I believe this guarantee will work for me?

Ovulation predictor kits (OPKs) are effective at detecting your LH surge which indicates your fertile window each month. 

These at-home tests measure the level of luteinizing hormone, or LH, in your urine. Using ovulation tests can help predict ovulation before it happens so you can time intercourse efficiently to have sperm waiting to meet the recently released egg. The best days to have intercourse to maximize your chances of pregnancy are the 2 days leading up to ovulation and ovulation day. 

In addition to using OPKs, tracking basal body temperature (BBT), checking your cervical mucus, and monitoring for other ovulation symptoms can also help you identify your fertile window with accuracy.

Premom developed the money-back guarantee program to give individuals the ability to try and conceive without having the burden of cost to conceive being in their minds. We have faith in you, and so will you. Most likely you will just need a few cycles commitment. And this commitment is so simple: just keep ovulation testing for 5+ days per cycle for a few cycles!

Your commitment is key! The more commitment, the sooner you will see the magic happen.

Download Premom today and get started!

Can I still have all the benefits of the guarantee program if I have miscarried after signing up?

Yes! You will be automatically eligible for the benefits of the money-back guarantee if you keep trying after your cycle returns to normal, but your time will reset. Please log “miscarriage” in your notes and log your next first period when your body is ready for conceiving again.

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