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Premom is dedicated to helping women get pregnant quickly and naturally. As a unique and innovative ovulation tracker app, Premom is a simple, effective, and affordable solution for all trying to conceive women. Premom has constantly worked to be a game-changer in the women’s reproductive health industry. Since it was launched, Premom was recognized as the “First” of several innovations. 

It was the first app to offer an intelligent reader of home ovulation and pregnancy tests within the app. This allows women to visually view quantitative results of their hormone changes and the innovative smart charting allows them to know their cycle progression with auto charting of their fertility cycle. Thanks to the successful integration of biotechnology into the algorithm and machine learning, Premom fertility app was recognized as the most accurate ovulation and period prediction app.  

With the accurate data, Premom has been able to offer data-based virtual consultation first in the telehealth industry. Fertility experts can remotely analyze the home testing data, charts, and other symptoms to provide a more relevant and effective solution to patients. Previously, such data-powered consulting was only available from in-office visits and testing. Prior to offering virtual consultation, Premom created pregnancy guarantee program as the game changer. Premom offered personalized insight and advice to users to get all the best chances and followed with the free consultation if not succeed in 6 months.

All the above innovations are a user-centric business’s natural evolvement starting with Easy@Home Ovulation Tests. Easy@Home has been the first brand offering personalized ovulation testing solutions towards variable customer needs and has become the largest volume providers of ovulation tests in the USA. It has helped millions of trying to conceive women get pregnant in the past 7 years.With its innovation spirit and problem-solving mind, Premom will constantly focusing on offering the best solution and platform for women who are trying pregnant. Although fertility problems are a big deal and challenging enough, Premom’s solution will definitely go beyond that to solve more health problems that women are suffering. 

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