Welcome! Meet Premom

Premom is dedicated to helping women get pregnant sooner and naturally.

As a unique and innovative ovulation prediction app, Premom is a simple, effective and affordable solution for all trying to conceive women.

Premom has constantly worked as game changer in the women’s reproductive health industry.

Since it was launched, Premom was recognized as “ First” of serial innovations.  

It was the first app to offer intelligent reader of the home ovulation and pregnancy tests in the app. This allows women view the quantitative results of their hormone changes visually and the innovative smart charting allow them know their cycle progression.

It is the first fertility app incorporating the bio-technology and image recognition into the mobile app.  

It was the first app offering data-based virtual consultation program. With this program, Fertility consultants can remotely analyze the home testing data, charts, and other symptoms to provide a more relevant and effective solution. Previously such data-powered consulting was only available from in-office visits and testing.

Premom was also the first app to offer money-back guarantee. After having signed up for the free guarantee program, users gain access to premier benefits: personalized guidance based on an advanced algorithm and progress reports, VIP care, and a free fertility consultation after 6 cycles and tests refund after 9 cycles if they still don’t get pregnant.

Before Premom was even launched, its sister brand- easy@home was the first brand in USA to offer personalized tests solutions towards variable customers need and have became the first brand and largest volume providers of ovulation tests in USA. It has helped thousands of trying to conceiving women get pregnant in the past years.

With a user-centric team under Easy Healthcare Corporation, Premom became one of the most popular fertility apps at both IOS and Android.

Our Mission

Achieve the highest pregnancy success rate of any fertility app. 

9-Cycle Money-back Guarantee

From one of our most valuable data studies, we found that similar consistent patterns led to very high conception success rates, and others led to much lower. We knew we could apply those successful patterns to those struggling families.  

So, we created a money-back guarantee program. It not only brings confidence to customers, but also delivers a powerful message of our confidence in our products.

With personalized guidance and progress reports, users will be empowered with more confidence during their natural conception journey. With a promise of a full refund, users will be relieved from financial and emotional anxiety.    

“I believe it will change the game of the fertility world and will help millions more families have their baby dreams come true faster and easier,” says founder Sherry Liu.

Highlights of Premom


Feb '20

10K users join the money-back guarantee.

Jan '20

9-Cycle Money-back Guarnatee Program is now avaliable.

Nov '19

Premom hits half a million downloads!

Feb '19

Premom creates the first quantitative ovulation test to enter the US market.

Nov '18

Revolutionary OPK digital reader feature

gets released.

Nov '17

Premom app launches!

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