Premom Study Finds 98% Got Pregnant within 6 Months and 100% Got Pregnant within 12 Months

Premom App users who consistently use easy@Home LH tests and identify their luteinizing hormone “peak”, were found to achieve a 100% pregnancy success rate within 11 months of trying.

Premom, a new ovulation prediction app designed to help women get pregnant quickly and naturally, has released an internal study that has found very positive results: consistent use of ovulation tests with the Premom ovulation predictor app -- and monthly app-recognized luteinizing hormone (LH) peaks -- can result in a 100% pregnancy rate within 11 months. Further analysis shows that within just 6 months of trying 98% of users were found pregnant.

The objective of the study was to determine the effectiveness of achieving pregnancy by using the Premom app and easy@Home ovulation tests. The app allows for various brands of ovulation tests to be used, but this study solely focused on the brand on which Premom was designed.

Materials & Method

Premom’s Data Analysis Team pulled a randomized sample of 8930 North American Premom users who continuously used the app and ovulation tests to identify LH peaks for up to 12 cycles. 7637 users were marked as using the ovulation method, meaning they used Premom with easy@Home ovulation tests. 1293 users were marked as being a combo-method user, those choosing to use LH simultaneously with Basal Body Temperature (BBT) charting.

Within a 12-cycle time frame, users were filtered based on three specific criteria. Users continued to use Premom for up to 12 cycles (unless achieving pregnancy before the end of the 12 cycles) and also detected their “peak” within the app within each cycle. Premom users opting to use the combo-method received added criteria: these users detected their BBT spike within each cycle.


Among the 7637 participants who used the Premom ovulation predictor app and easy@Home ovulation tests consistently, a 98% pregnancy rate was achieved within 6 months and a 100% success rate was achieved after just 11 months. Whether using ovulation tests or the BBT and ovulation tests together, Premom ovulation app users were able to achieve the same pregnancy rate in a maximum period of 12 cycles.


About Premom

Premom, based in Burr Ridge, Illinois, is dedicated to helping women get pregnant quickly and naturally. As a new, innovative ovulation prediction app, Premom was incubated by thousands of successfully pregnant women who have used the easy@Home brand, which is the mother brand of Premom. Premom applies its successful technology and expertise to help TTC women easily achieve their natural family planning goals. 


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