Pregnancy Week 10


10 weeks pregnant


Baby Growth at 10 Weeks Pregnant

Now that you reached 10 weeks pregnant, your baby is growing and hitting big milestones. If you haven’t had your first ultrasound yet, this may be the week  you’re scheduled to see your baby during a sonogram and get their first pictures! 

At week 10, your baby is about 1.5 inches long.  That’s about the size of a prune. Their little body’s kidneys, lungs, genitals and gastrointestinal system are all present, just not yet developed. 

Until this point, the yolk sac was responsible for providing sustenance to the red blood cells, but now it is no longer needed and has begun to disappear. The liver provides the needed nutrients for your little one to produce blood cells. 

The main parts of the eye – the cornea, iris, pupil, lens and retina – are fully formed, giving your baby improved vision. Eyelids cover your baby's eyes and will remain closed until you reach about 27 weeks pregnant.

Your baby's teeth begin to harden and attach to the jawbone. A few babies are born with one or two teeth, but most babies won't get their first teeth until they are 6 to 10 months old. 

Babies' foreheads temporarily bulge as their brains develop, and the top of their head is very high – half the length of their bodies. Synapses in your baby's spinal cord allow them to move their limbs and fingers but you probably can’t feel it yet.

If your baby is a girl, her tiny ovaries start to form millions of small eggs. If it’s a boy, his newly developed testicles have already produce testosterone.


Fetal development 10 weeks pregnant


You and Your Body at 10 Weeks Pregnant

Your uterus was about the size of a small pear before you got pregnant, and by this week it is the size of a large orange. The placenta has matured, and it is the nutritional base that supports fetal growth and development. Your belly grows and your body starts to change.

You may begin to gain weight, notice your waist thicken and your chest getting bigger. You may notice changes on your nipples and the colored area, called the areola, that darkens in color and widens to create an easy visual “target” for your babe when they are born.  Influenced by progesterone, your mood swings can also be very noticeable. This can make you feel angry, sad, happy or irritable. Sometimes these mood swings change rapidly – within only a few moments. These roller-coaster emotions won’t last forever and you should not feel guilty about it. All pregnant women feel this way too. You’re doing great mama. 

10 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

You may deal with increased vaginal discharge during pregnancy due to the effects of the hormone estrogen. Healthy discharge is odorless and milky white or clear, and you don't need to do anything unless you notice smelly or discolored (yellow/green) discharge.  Don't use special wipes or lotions -- these can alter the delicate pH balance of your reproductive tract and cause irritation. Keep dry by wearing panty liners when needed. However, if you see a sudden change in the type of discharge: such as if you keep leaking fluid, it smells strong or unpleasant, or if it's gray, yellow, or green, call your healthcare provider.

You may notice blue, prominent veins in your chest, breasts, and abdomen. The increased blood supply causes the veins to criss-cross like a road map on your belly and breasts. Your veins are enlarged and more visible.  As your uterus grows, you may develop varicose veins in your legs and lower body. The good news is that they may disappear or improve after you give birth.

With 30-50 percent more blood pumping through your veins, your cardiovascular system should adapt smoothly to these changes. Although, standing up too quickly may be too fast for your circulatory system to keep up with and can make you feel dizzy or light-headed. If this happens, try putting your head between your legs, which helps you find relief or lay down until the symptoms subsides after a few minutes. To reduce future dizziness, bring healthy snacks  to quickly boost your blood sugar and stay hydrated.

Don't be surprised if you start to feel some pain in your belly as it stretches to accommodate your growing baby. This might be something you didn't expect. As your belly gets heavier, the weight pulls on the ligaments, causing sharp or dull pain – especially when you walk or turn around. What is the best way to deal with this? Get off your feet and get in whatever position that makes you more comfortable.

Your early pregnancy symptoms are likely to hang around for a few more weeks. So in week 10, you may deal with:

  • Nausea and vomiting

  • Fatigue

  • Constipation

  • Frequent urination

  • Emotions

  • Headaches

  • Heartburn and indigestion


Pregnancy Week 10 Tips and Advice

At 10 weeks pregnant, your first trimester is coming to an end. You might wonder when those pesky early pregnancy symptoms will start to fade or getting ready to share your breaking news with the world. Meanwhile, your baby is growing and reaching a major milestone this weekend.

With a more sensitive sense of smell, you may find once appealing aromas suddenly become offensive – and offensive aromas may have your head in the toilet. So, try to stay away from any smell that triggers nausea – whether it’s the smell of char-grilled steak you once loved, or the fresh scent of your laundry detergent that now makes you want to rush to the bathroom. Also avoid foods that you cannot tolerate. 

You're growing a whole new person, which means you need to be consistent with taking quality prenatal vitamins and eating vitamin-rich foods. Vitamins D, C and A are especially important, as are folate (B9) , DHA, choline, iron, calcium and potassium.

When it comes to your feelings about sharing pregnancy news, it's important to open up to your partner. Couples don't always agree on when to tell and who gets to know. Openly talk about your feelings with your partner and listen to their thoughts and concerns.

 Go mama, you've made it through a quarter of your pregnancy journey!




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