Trying to Conceive? Top 5 Premom Pregnancy Tips


You’re thinking about having a baby.  But are you giving yourself and your baby the best chance for a successful, healthy pregnancy and delivery?  Here are our top 5 tips of what to focus on even before you get pregnant!

1. Add Supplementation

Did you know that it’s best to add supplementation before you are pregnant, even a month before you are trying to conceive?  Choose the right multivitamin for you and make sure it includes the recommended dosage of folic acid to support your baby’s development and reduce the risk of certain birth defects.

2. Exercise

If you’re already active – great!  If you don’t overdo it, go ahead and continue your exercise routine through your pregnancy.  If you’re not already active, the sooner you start, the better, but ease into it. Besides improving your overall health and reducing excess weight gain, regular exercise throughout your pregnancy can reduce back pain, decrease fatigue and constipation, boost mood and energy levels, enhance sleep, and improve your delivery experience through increased muscle strength and overall stamina.  Some examples of beneficial exercise during pregnancy include: swimming, walking, yoga, and stationary cycling.

3. Consider Your Diet

Start adjusting your diet -- remember that your baby will be taking in whatever you decide to take in!

Just as important as what to eat is what not to eat.  Avoid raw, undercooked, and inorganic foods, and limit your caffeine intake.  Also avoid these: high-mercury fish, processed meats (like deli meats), organ meat, unwashed produce, and processed junk foods.

As far as what TO eat, consider what a well-balanced diet means to you and your doctor.  Some healthy suggestions include:  plenty of water, avocados, green leafy vegetables, eggs (well-cooked), fish oil, sweet potatoes, lean meats, and legumes (preferably pressure-cooked). 

4. See your doctor

Have you had your “preconception visit”?  Before trying to conceive, pay a visit to your doc.  Besides giving your doctor a baseline before your pregnancy, this will give you both a chance to take a look at your family’s health history as well as current health habits, medications, and best future practices for the most successful pregnancy and delivery.  

5. Use the Premom App to start tracking your cycle

If you want to get pregnant fast, you need to know the best time to try to conceive.  The Premom app allows you to track multiple symptoms to best pinpoint your ovulation day and even track your intimacy.

Do you have the Premom app yet to help you during your ttc and pregnancy journey?  If not, what are you waiting for? It’s FREE!  Download the app today:



Updated May 1, 2019

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