Navigating Premom's Updated Algorithm - Automatic Ovulation Test Reader

Premom Team | April 15, 2020

Premom is constantly working to make our app and products more effective and accurate. With the help of your feedback we are able to continue to enhance our products' capabilities and give you the most accurate ovulation prediction. We have recently made an update to our ovulation test reader algorithm that will improve the overall accuracy of the reading, as well as the ease of use.


Outlined below are a few things to consider with this new algorithm and how to get the best results:

1. The automatic scanning function needs to be used online. If there is no network connection, users must upload manually or through album selection.

2. Make sure to shoot on a clean light background. In particular, do not shoot on dark backgrounds and backgrounds with a lot of interference. We recommend placing the test on a piece of toilet paper.

3. As always, make sure you are taking the picture in a well lit environment. When possible, try using natural lighting or turning on your camera’s flash.

4. Keep the mobile phone as stable as possible during automatic scanning, and ensure that the complete test strip is placed in the shooting area.

5. If the indicated T line or C line position is inaccurate or the picture is not clear, you can click the "Cancel" button to continue shooting; if the test strip is accurate, click OK directly to return to the ovulation test gallery to view the result.

6. If the position of the T line or C line is wrong, the slider under the test strip can be adjusted manually. If the direction of the test strip is wrong (the T line is not on the left side of the screen), click "Rotate 180 °" to turn it horizontally.

7. Currently, cassettes and midstream sticks are not supported in this version. Please manually or choose from photo album for these types of tests until further notice.

Still need some help getting the right picture? See our blog on Tips for Getting the Best Picture Taking for Ovulation Calculation.

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