Ovulation Calculator Methods

Ovulation calculator methods

February 1, 2022 | Gina Kramp | Medically reviewed by Dr. Patti Haebe, NMD

Are you having trouble finding your luteinizing hormone (LH) surge or with finding your ovulation?....Is your ovulation chart looking a little different than everyone else’s?...Unsure if you ovulated or had an  LH surge? 

We are all unique; with different lifestyles, sleep habits and menstrual cycles. And just like most things in our life, ovulation tracking is not one size fits all. Altering your period and ovulation tracker method to fit your specific needs can help you to meet your fertility goals.

Let’s Start With The Fertility Basics

When trying to conceive, the first step is to find the right method to track ovulation. Everyone wants accuracy, simplicity, and convenience, but is it possible? Yes! 

First, have a clear idea of how the four natural body signals relate to one another. 

  1. A normal ovulation cycle begins with the first day of your period. 
  2. LH levels will then peak 24-36 hours before ovulation day. 
  3. Usually 24-48 hours after ovulation day, your basal body temperature spikes then progesterone levels continue to rise. 
Premom positive pregnancy chart

What Are My Cycle Tracking Options?

Ovulation testing, or LH testing, is the most popular method. Mainly, because it's simple, quick, and accurate. Using ovulation tests will help you to predict when ovulation will occur by identifying the LH surge so you can time intercourse to your peak fertility days

Basal Body Temperature (BBT) also has a large, loyal group, such as women who practice natural family planning. BBT helps to confirm that ovulation did occur by plotting the rising and falling of temps throughout your menstrual cycle. A great advantage of the basal body temperature thermometer is that it's a one time investment. 

Progesterone testing (PdG) is a new method of ovulation confirmation, it tests urine for metabolites of the progesterone hormone produced from ovulation. 

The period calendar is the oldest fertility awareness method, first used when other tools were not available, and also cost effective. However, this method only works when your period and ovulation cycle are both regular.


How Do I Know Which Tracking Method is Best for Me?

When choosing your method, know that each option has its benefits and challenges under specific situations. If you have the knowledge to deal with those challenges, you will still enjoy using your preferred method with hopes of achieving your goal of pregnancy. 

Please know:  One of the biggest challenges to women using ovulation tests is missing the LH surge. Here are solutions for different causes of missing the surge. 

Reason One:
Your LH surge level is too low to be detected, but you did ovulate.

The Solution:
Use the BBT chart or a PdG test to confirm that your LH peak resulted in ovulation. Find the darkest LH test line, even if it is lighter than the control line.

Reason Two:
Your LH surge is too short and has been missed.

The Solution:
Test twice a day between 10am and 8pm, three to five days before the predicted ovulation day until you catch the peak test line.

Reason Three:
Your LH surge pattern is not normal or balanced.

The Solution:
Choose a second ovulation tracking method such as BBT or PdG when LH is imbalanced.


Combining Cycle Tracking Methods for Optimal Success

If there is no perfect single method for you, then combining multiple methods is probably the best choice. A combination of using ovulation tests, tracking BBT and PdG testing will help you to better predict, plan and confirm your ovulation. It's important to remember that whichever method(s) you choose, are ones that you are going to use consistenly!

Premom period and ovulation tracker is designed to help you achieve that goal of accuracy, efficiency, and consistency with whichever method works best for you! Simply upload test results, sync your basal body temperature, and log your period. The rest of the work is done by Premom. 

Download the free Premom Digital Ovulation Tracker today.

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