Successful BBT Charting

BBT Tips for Ovulation

You decided to purchase a basal thermometer for ovulation to help track your cycle and determine your fertile window, now what?  Our Premom Easy@Home basal body temperature thermometers are one of the best tools to help you accurately determine that ovulation was successful.

What should I look for on a BBT chart?

A successful Premom basal body temperature chart result can be achieved simply by testing everyday with your BBT thermometer in a given cycle and looking for your fertile window pattern.

In the simplest terms, your BBT temperature readings from the beginning of your cycle through ovulation will show as the lowest readings on average overall in that cycle. The BBT Spike occurs after ovulation in order to show that you did in fact ovulate. The overall pattern will show a shift upward in temperatures 1-3 days post-ovulation and they will remain elevated through the last phase of your cycle. The question when is your fertile window can be answered with the help of this information.

How do you track your fertile window BBT pattern?

In order to get the most accurate results, all basal temperature readings should be done around the same time of day right as you awake every morning. Testing everyday in a cycle can show you the pattern to know when your fertile window is arriving and if it is consistent with your average ovulation day.

How can I make sure my readings are accurate?

To ensure you are getting the most accurate readings, you will want to be sure you obtain a coverline in the Premom app. Ideally, certain criteria should be met based on the logged basal body temperature. These criteria are as follows:

  1. The first six consecutive temperatures should be lower than the next three consecutive temperatures, often referred to as the "6 low, 3 high" pattern.
  2. The difference between the highest temperature among the previous six temperatures and the lowest temperature among the next three should be equal to or greater than 0.5°F (0.2℃).

To enable Premom to display the BBT spike and draw a coverline, it is suggested that you record at least nine consecutive temperatures in the app. You can either manually enter the basal temperature from any basal thermometer you are using or use the Easy@Home basal thermometer, which automatically syncs with Premom via Bluetooth.

The BBT coverline will automatically appear after the pattern for lows and high temperatures are met. The Premom app will show you a full chart and graph of your temperature readings, coverline, filters, and how they compare to ovulation tests and your cycle averages. 

BBT curve and coverline


If you found your BBT spike and have had 15-18 high temps above the coverline results without a period, this could indicate that you may be pregnant. Test for pregnancy using an Easy@Home or Premom pregnancy HCG test. Results will be the most accurate if you wait until the first day of your missed period, although you may receive a positive result sooner. Use first-morning urine and for the best results read at the intended 5 minute read time.


Start your BBT charting with a Premom app!


Learning a new way to connect with your body is key. The Premom app makes the process of testing your basal body temperature and finding your fertile window patterns easy and automatic. Start with downloading the Premom app and tracking your basal body temperature today!

Start your BBT charting with a Premom app!


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