Privacy Policy Statement

Premom Privacy Policy Statement

Premom prioritizes the safety and security of its users’ data above all, and is constantly evaluating its policies, procedures, and use of third-party tools to ensure the application is compliant with global data privacy laws.  Premom is also committed to limiting its use of any analytical or other tools provided by third parties that do not comport with Premom’s internal privacy standards and practices.  As an application with global reach, Premom uses certain SDK solutions with nuanced functions, all with an eye toward improving the user experience.  We endeavor not to share user personal data with third parties and we continue to verify on a routine and on-going basis that any third party solutions that we use comply with our own standards and practices.  We remove those that do not.  The holistic experience of our user, including their privacy and safety, continues to be our top priority.

Privacy Policy

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