Picture Taking Tips for Getting the Best Ovulation Calculation

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Updated March 3, 2022

The Premom digital reader is a hit! Just as in any testing and tracking: above all, consistency in your practice is key. Here are some tips from the Premom Team AND from our "Get Pregnant Fast with Premom" Facebook Group to get your best ovulation test result readings.

Tips from the Premom Team:

( C= Control   &   T=Test 

Perfectly within brackets:

  1. Take the picture at 5-10 minutes, after testing, to get the clearest test window.
  1. Make sure your C Line, T line, and strip are within the green brackets, and the test strip fits snuggly inside the frame.

Too high:

Too low:

C Line Outside:

T Line Outside:

Too small:

  1. Make sure the C line is first, and the T line is second. (Make sure your strip is not reversed.)


  1. Make sure you have enough light. Also, keep your lighting and background as consistent as possible.

Not enough light:

Too much light:

Tips from Premom Users:

“I try to use the same background and lighting every time.”

“I put my phone on a cup (a camera “tripod”) to keep it really steady, then just zoom in when uploading it to the app.”

“I put my phone in a toothpaste holder that’s just the perfect height to keep the lines where they need to be. And I always put it on toilet paper, since it seems like different backgrounds can skew the picture.”

 “I’ve found starting above the test and bringing it down slowly to align helps or it snaps too fast and is usually not in the box correctly.”

“I feel like lighting is everything with the app. You need to have a steady hand for a clear picture with a good amount of light (but not reflective) to get optimal results.”

“I like the auto-snap feature since I notice I have a less steady hand when trying to take it myself. The guide on the screen helps me align my strips. I try to take the photo in the same white light with a solid white background for consistency.”

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