7 Pros and Cons of Conceiving in Your 30's: With Or Without

Although it can come with its own set of challenges, conceiving in your 30s can be a beautiful thing!  In your 30s you are a little wiser, a little more financially stable, and much less selfish. Now is the ideal time to start expanding your family!  Whether you get pregnant naturally, or with a little help, getting pregnant in your 30’s comes with its difficulties - but also, several little-known benefits. 

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Pros about Pregnancy in Your 30s:

  1. You've made great strides personally and professionally.
  2. You are self-sustaining and can afford to take on more responsibilities.
  3. You are emotionally and financially prepared for your pregnancy - and you know what to expect!
  4. Long term goals can be set and discussed to plan for you and your child's exciting future.
  5. You’re ready to begin life's next journey: “me” time is not a priority anymore.
  6. You know your body, and how to nourish it; perfect time to care for two!
  7. Hormone levels grow as you age increasing the possibilities of having twins or more!

The more you know about your cycle, the easier it is to conceive.  Start with the basics: how long is your average cycle, when you are most fertile in your cycle, and this is much easier said than done - RELAX!

As you can see, getting pregnant in your 30s doesn’t have to be so scary. But, there are cons …

Cons about Pregnancy in Your 30s:

  1. Biological clock is ticking faster.
  2. Your eggs viability starts to decline once you hit 30.
  3. Conception is still very likely, but not as good as it was in your 20’s.
  4. When you reach 35, conception chances decrease.
  5. Miscarriage rates are higher.
  6. The risk of complications are higher such as; ectopic pregnancy, placenta Previa, low birth weight babies and premature delivery.
  7. Chances for fetal abnormalities are elevated after 35.

Regardless of what age you want to conceive, it’s important for you to understand what is right for YOUR body. And, there is no better way to track your own biological clock than with our Easy@Home Ovulation Predictor Kits, and Basal Body Thermometers. For example, being in tune with your cycle can help you really pinpoint your most fertile time, and help you to conceive naturally.  Also, once you get pregnant, you're likely find that if you're fit and healthy, you may enjoy the energy usually associated with a woman in their 20’s.

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