Pregnancy Week 1 - Week 2

Baby Growth 

Where’s my baby?  Did you know that for doctors to maintain consistency, your pregnancy start date is actually marked by the first day of your last period?  Unless you have a very short follicular phase  -- the phase before ovulation -- there’s not even a baby yet! 

You & Your Body 

  • Besides that positive pregnancy test indicating raised hCG levels, watch for that rise in your BBT, staying up to indicate your progesterone levels are staying elevated to support a growing embryo.


  • If you haven’t already, add folic acid supplementation to your daily nutrition (through an approved prenatal vitamin). According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, taking 400 mcg of folic acid daily in the month before you conceive and during your first trimester can cut your chances of defects such as spina bifida by 50-70%.
  • Have you seen your doc yet? Visit your doctor to confirm your pregnancy and – if you haven’t yet -- discuss both your current health habits, medications, and best future practices for the most successful pregnancy and delivery.  

Updated May 1, 2019

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