Dr. Haebe's Guide to Getting Pregnant Quickly with Premom: Cycle 1

You are all set for your journey to get pregnant. Now it’s time to put everything into practice! The most important thing to do next is to identify your ovulation day and have intercourse on the fertile days in your cycle surrounding ovulation.

The best way to predict ovulation? Ovulation tests!

Why? Because they give you an indicator of ovulation, before you actually ovulate. The Premom Ovulation App helps you read ovulation tests and predict your ovulation very easily. You will have a good idea of when you are going to ovulate -- about 5 days earlier in fact -- so you are able to perform testing without missing ovulation! This gives you a heads up to time intercourse appropriately before the egg is released from your ovary.

How To Use Ovulation Tests:

Start using Easy@Home or Premom ovulation tests beginning around day 5 of your cycle, right after your period ends, and look for the progressive darkening of the test/control line.

(Remember, when you use Premom or Easy@Home products you’re not only ensuring quality and affordability, but you're also keeping yourself eligible for the 9-Cycle Money-Back Guarantee!) You’ll simply take a sample of your afternoon urine each day, dip until you see the dye begin to rise into the test window; lie it flat on a white surface, and wait 3-5 minutes -- or until any excess red dye has finished clearing the testing window.

After that, simply open the Premom app and use the automatic camera feature to take a picture of the test strip. Our smart technology will automatically add a numerical value to the strip and plot the value accordingly in your cycle chart. This allows you to easily visualize your LH peak!

When the test line reaches its darkest level, it is considered your “peak day,” and it’s highly likely that you will ovulate within 24 hours after seeing this. In this manner, you can ensure that intercourse takes place on and before this day.

After your “LH Peak,” you’ll then notice the lines will get lighter and lighter each day as your fertile window closes.

The more you enter ovulation tests, the more the Premom app can learn about your cycle and better predict your fertile window for future cycles, allowing you to time intercourse appropriately and get pregnant quickly.

Timing Intercourse

Using ovulation tests is the best way to know when to time intercourse appropriately!

When you use ovulation tests with Premom, you’ll easily find your LH peak and fertile window, allowing you to predict when ovulation will occur in future cycles. You will see your fertile window indicated by lavender and purple shading in your calendar and chart, and be able to time intercourse appropriately.

Research has shown that the best way to get pregnant is to perform intercourse at least every other day for the 5 days leading up to ovulation and ovulation day, which typically occurs within 24 hours of your LH peak!

See why ovulation tests are the key to getting pregnant quickly and easily?

How To Use a Basal Body Temperature Thermometer:

It’s easy! All you have to do is take 1-2 minutes each morning, immediately upon waking, to take your oral temperature and record the data into the Premom app. You’ll notice the app converts your data into a graphic representation so you can easily see your temperature rise, Premom even inserts something called a “coverline” into your cycle chart that helps you visually separate the post-ovulatory high temperatures from the pre-ovulatory low temps.

Research has shown that the follicular phase, first half of the menstrual cycle, can vary drastically for different women, but the luteal phase, second half of the menstrual cycle, has a typical length of 11-17 days. When we add your own BBT readings into the app, the Premom app can make accurate predictions for your future fertile windows. They're based on when your BBT spike takes place, allowing the smart technology to identify the date that your ovulation likely occurred and when your fertile window will be next cycle.

We encourage users to utilize ovulation tests to predict their ovulation and utilize BBT to confirm that ovulation actually occurred.

Are you starting to see how helpful these tools can be when utilized together regularly? You’re removing the guesswork and learning more about your body each day!

Dr. Patti Haebe is a results-obsessed naturopathic doctor. She specializes in pre-conception preparation, fertility and hormone optimization. She is committed to root-cause healing through therapeutic supplementation as well as targeted diet and lifestyle modifications.  Her virtual practice, Ocotillo Integrative Medicine, provides integrative consultations worldwide via webcam for those looking to incorporate natural, proactive approaches to their healthcare and fertility journey. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Haebe right through your Premom app! 

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