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Trying To Conceive

Premom Ovulation Calendar and Tracker is introducing our new Membership plans to help you fast-track your way to pregnancy.
One of the hardest parts of getting pregnant is surviving the dreaded two-week wait (after ovulation day to the beginning of your next expected period day). Nurse Linda helps explains pregnancy symptoms during the TWW, what to expect and how you can make it through these two weeks.
Do you know when the best day to conceive is? Tina Hickman goes over how to time intercourse to better increase your odds of getting pregnant quickly.

Ovulation Testing

How to use easy@Home ovulation tests and upload them to the Premom app!
How do ovulation tests work, how accurate our ovulation tests, the difference between a pregnancy test and ovulation test, and much more!
Premom's Quantitative Ovulation Predictor Kit will help you quantify your LH Level and digitize your menstrual cycle. This revolutionary test is great for women with PCOS, hard to recognize surges, or multiple surges a cycle.
Ovulation tests are 99% effective at detecting the LH surge. Known when to take an ovulation test and how they work.
Getting pregnant is all about timing intercourse to the most fertile days of your ovulation cycle. Use ovulation tests to find when you are ovulating.

Premom Ovulation Tracker

Premom, an Ovulation Tracker app, can help you find your most fertile days and help you get pregnant fast. See all of Premom's features!
Know how to time your fertile window to get pregnant faster.
Learn how your LH hormone level, basal body temperature and progesterone hormone pattern can help you predict ovulation accurately.
Premom is a fertility tracker app that helps TTC women to predict their most fertile 6 days.
What is PCOS, what are the symptoms, and how do you track your ovulation? Learn all you need to know about trying to conceive with PCOS.
Take an ovulation test, upload the result to Premom, and let us do the rest! See your LH hormone levels rise from low, high, and to your peak!

Pregnancy Success Stories

Premom user, Erika Ann, Trying for baby #2. The second month trying to conceive, first-month tracking ovulation, & taking a pregnancy test at 8DPO!
See what happens when Lex uses a Premom pregnancy test to find out if she is pregnant.
Trying to get pregnant is a journey. We're excited to share Tamar's experience to conceive her first baby!
Here is how I tracked my fertility for month 2 of trying to conceive for baby number 2!
Shannon Peacock talks about how she got rid of all other fertility apps and only uses Premom. She loves how you just put in the simple information into the app and Premom will calculate it all for you! Less work is always better!
Daniela Rose talks about how she’s tried all kinds of ovulation tests and loves using her easy@Home ovulation tests with the Premom app (“10 out of 10”!)

Premom User Editions

What’s the difference between LH surge, peak, and ovulation?
How do you get pregnant fast? It’s all about timing! Learn about your “fertile window” and give yourself the best chance to get pregnant.
What can your hormones tell you about getting pregnant? Plenty! Learn how to get pregnant fast by knowing your hormone patterns, your fertility cycle, and how BBT works.
Top 5 tips to read ovulation tests most effectively.
PCOS symptoms and your fertility.
Top 3 tips for tracking your basal body temperature (BBT).
Know what the early signs of pregnancy symptoms are!
Top 3 Premom App tips to help you get pregnant quickly and naturally.
Congratulations! You’re pregnant? Here’s what to know about your first 4 weeks of pregnancy.

Basal Body Temperature Tracking

Easy@Home EBT-100 Basal Thermometer helps you measure your basal body temperature with clinically high measurement accuracy for ovulation tracking, bbt charting and natural family planning.
The easy@home smart basal thermometer will automatically sync to your Premom chart on your phone next to all your other fertility signs.
Simply connect the easy@Home smart basal thermometer and instantly see your temperatures charted in the Premom app!
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