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A comparison of two hormonal fertility monitoring systems for ovulation detection: A pilot study

By Qiyan Mu and Richard Jerome Fehring | February 18, 2023

A new pilot study conducted by the Institute for Natural Family Planning, College of Nursing of Marquette University, evaluates and compares the beginning, peak, and length of the fertile window as determined by a new luteinizing hormone (LH) fertility tracking app with the Clearblue Fertility Monitor (CBFM). A total of 30 participants were randomized into either quantitative Premom or qualitative Easy@Home (EAH) LH testing system. According to the study of 30 women and 84 recorded menstrual cycles, the Premom LH test strips and EAH LH test strips had high correlation rates with the CBFM (r = 0.99, p < 0.0001) and the LH surge detectable rate was 95% of the cycles by EAH LH test strips and 94% by the CBFM.

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March 2021, 19 (2) 180

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Post-ovulatory aging of the human oocyte and embryo failure
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The timing of the “fertile window” in the menstrual cycle: day specific estimates from a prosepctive study
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In only 30% of women in the fertile window will their menstrual cycle land between days 10 and 17. Even with regular cycles, the timing of the fertile window is highly unpredictable.

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