Tracking ovulation and still not pregnant? Can’t get into the fertility clinic? Meet with a Fertility Specialist from your own home!
Premom brings data-based fertility consultations to your living room. Fertility specialists can remotely analyze your home ovulation test data, fertility charts, and other pregnancy symptoms to provide a more relevant and effective solution to get pregnant. Track ovulation, share with your doctor, and dig into your cycles.
“It helped so much to be able to speak to someone about our fertility issues and TTC, and not only have them understand, but also offer excellent advice and tips on what to do next and additional supplements and tests to try. Thank you for offering this service, I'd recommend it to anyone!” – Amber S.
Who are consultations for?
Many women are limited to just seeing their OBGYN, which can be frustrating when you want fast solutions. Premom helps you at all stages in the fertility journey. Premom can help you with:
  • Chart Assessment and Interpretation
  • BBT, LH Surge, CM Readings, Progesterone, Intercourse Timing
  • How to Address: Irregular Cycles, Unexplained Infertility, Miscarriage History, Recurrent Pregnancy Loss, and More
  • A Discussion of Your Fertility Concerns and Frustrations
  • Guidance in the Next Steps of Your Fertility Journey
Premom’s pregnancy advisors are your best next step. Connect with a range of fertility specialists from Fertility Awareness Method Instructors, to OBGYNs, to Naturopathic Doctors for a more integrative approach. Search through their bios to choose a provider with the right fit for YOU!
How it works
1. Download the Premom Ovulation Tracker App & create a profile
2. Scroll through the providers and choose one that fits your conception needs
3. Choose between a message, online call, or video call
4. Schedule when you want to chat and confirm your payment method.
Your all set! Our fertility providers will have your months of cycle data and ovulation tests to analyze before you meet. Be one step closer to achieving a natural pregnancy!
Meet Some of Our Providers!
Dr. Patti Haebe
Dr Patti Haebe is a results-obsessed naturopathic doctor. She specializes in hormone optimization, fertility and general wellness. She is committed to root-cause healing through therapeutic supplementation as well as targeted diet and lifestyle modifications. Her practice, Ocotillo Integrative Medicine, provides integrative consultations worldwide via webcam for those looking to incorporate natural, proactive approaches to their healthcare.
Abbie Steidl
Abbie is a fertility nutritionist working to help women get pregnant naturally through understanding their cycle and healing it with food + lifestyle changes.
Dr. Alissia Zenhausern
Dr. Zen is a naturopathic doctor and the founder of NMD Wellness of Scottsdale. Her integrative practice brings to life the power of traditional and natural medicine and helps women fast track their fertility. She has been featured as a lead expert in her field in publications including Instyle, Forbes, and NBC News.
Cara Slater
Dr. Slater specializes in integrative primary care with a focus on hormone balance, fertility, PCOS, and autoimmune conditions. She has received advanced training in natural fertility treatments and hormone replacement therapies.
Linda Vignapiano Streety
Linda Vignapiano Streetly is a RN, BSN. Most recently She was the Director of Clinical Operations at IntegraMed Fertility. She started out working with Geoffery Sher, MD at SIRM-Las Vegas and grew many of the SIRM practices around the country.
Mikayla Dalton
Mikayla Dalton is a certified Boston Cross Check instructor. She has been teaching fertility awareness / NFP since 2011. She has a strong focus on medical research, but know that a personal touch is important. People need facts, yes. They also need supportive guides, as fertility charting is a deeply important and personal work.
Which specialist is right for you?
“The doctors were not only knowledgeable on natural fertility treatments but she also listened to my situation with a thoughtful and empathetic ear. This has been a giant step for me without this doctor I would have never gotten to the root of my fertility issues. I would definitely recommend the Premom app to anyone having fertility issues they are both caring and knowledgeable.” - Paola D
Get a Free Consultation - 9-Cycle Money-Back Guarantee Program
Most women can get pregnant naturally with the help of the right education and tools. Premom is confident in our products to help women predict their most fertile days each cycle. If you are not pregnant in 9 cycles we will refund you all of your Easy@Home/Premom ovulation and pregnancy tests and basal thermometers.
With personalized guidance, progress reports, consultations, and a deeper understanding of their cycle, women will be empowered with more confidence during their natural conception journey. Sign-up for free in the Premom app.
In-depth menstrual cycle analysis
Insights on your cycle & ovulation pattern
Free Consultation after 6 cycles of trying
Refund of Premom/Easy@Home ovulation & pregnancy test kits and basal thermometers
Still have questions?
Q: “Can women over 40 get a consultation?”
A: Absolutely! Anyone can be seen in this process and IVF will close their doors when you turn 43 or 45. Our doors are always open and we will do whatever we can to support you.
Premom provides an integrative approach to fertility by providing you with the tools, tracking, and full physical and emotional support to allow you to be an advocate for your own fertility.
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