How to Use the Premom Digital Ovulation Reader

Updated February 24, 2022

For TTC women, the more you know your ovulation pattern, the easier and sooner you can get pregnant. But your time is limited. And ovulation tracking is time-consuming and sometimes confusing.

Where can you find a simple-to-use, easy-to-read, quick-to-know tracker?

The answer is the Premom Ovulation Digital Reader Edition. 

Ovulation Tracking, How to Track Ovulation

Simple to Use

Ovulation Prediction, How to Use Ovulation Test

Easy to Read

How to Read Ovulation Tests, LH Test, LH Surge, LH Peak

Quick to Know


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How to Read Ovulation Tests, LH Test, LH Surge, LH Peak


Women’s hormonal patterns are complicated, and each woman’s Lh peak level is different.  Some women even have multiple peaks, but only one peak is the true peak before ovulation.  Fortunately, women can find their true peak by tracking the consistent LH drop that follows.   The app does this for you.  It will recognize the first peak when the test line becomes lighter again after the darkest test result. When another LH surge comes with a higher level, it will override the previous peaks in the same cycle.

Scrolling up and down, you see a quick view of the LH progression throughout your whole cycle and from one cycle to the next.

No matter how complicated your LH pattern,

Premom makes it simple.


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