Premom Helps Women Get Pregnant Naturally and Sooner

A Continued Success for Leading Fertility App Premom

Premom, a new ovulation prediction app designed to help women get pregnant naturally, has recently launched. After only a few months, Premom has already helped nearly a thousand women get pregnant naturally without seeking medical assistance. It is not only a continued success alongside its mother brand easy@Home, which has accrued over three thousand online testimonials in the past four years; it is also a breakthrough innovation to the fertility community. 

Premom’s team has constantly strived to be the “#1 choice of TTC (trying to conceive) women,” with genuinely customer-centric values. It is a naturally born baby of easy@Home, which has ranked as a best-seller for the Ovulation Tests category at Amazon, a very competitive marketplace. 

“We’re proud that Premom helps TTC women get pregnant. We believe this is an age in which people can help people, so we incorporated all these successes and advanced artificial intelligence to help more women,” says Ms. Sherry Liu, Premom’s founder.

Regarding what sets Premom apart from other apps, Ms. Liu explains: “We prefer our customers do less and get more. Many apps are crowded with features and information that confuse users. We make sure each of our pages is neat, clean, simple, and that each step is intuitive.”

Premom’s digital gallery is the best example of the brand’s simply yet intuitive approach. Premom’s team knows how big of a hassle it is for many women to track their hormonal progression. Now, they just upload the pictures of their test strips, and Premom aligns them and calculates this data in its prediction. 

Later in 2018, Premom will launch another innovative feature, a digital reader which turns the app from a “visual viewer” to a “digital reader.” Driven by their customer-centric values, Premom’s digital reader will be compatible with any ovulation test brand.

 Another big convenience Premom offers is with easy@Home’s Bluetooth basal thermometer, which auto-syncs and auto-charts with Premom. Before this, temperature recording had to be done manually, often involving doctors’ assistance to interpret it correctly. 

You may download the Premom Ovulation Predictor at Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store. Visit for more information. 



Premom, based in Burr Ridge, Illinois, is dedicated to helping women get pregnant sooner naturally. As a new, innovative ovulation prediction app, Premom was incubated by thousands of successfully pregnant women who have used the Easy@Home brand, which is also the mother brand of Premom. Premom applies its successful technology and expertise to help TTC women to achieve their natural family planning goals easily. 

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