Pregnancy Week 37 - Week 38

Baby Growth

  • Size is approximately 19.61 inches and 6.80 pounds.
  • Your baby is the size of a pumpkin.
  • Your baby has improved dexterity and has developed just about everything except digestion and final development of the lungs, brain, and diaphragm.
  • Your baby may be “dropping”, moving lower and into the birth canal.
  • Your baby can come at any time now, but your baby may need these extra weeks to finish development.

You & Your Body

  • You may not gain any weight this month.
  • You may still be experiencing these symptoms: heartburn, spotting (particularly after sexual activity), stretch marks, abdominal pressure, trouble sleeping, swollen feet and ankles, contractions, and nausea.
  • You may also be experiencing these symptoms: itchy belly and anxiety.
  • Watch for these symptoms of labor: thick mucus, possibly with a tinge of blood (mucus plug released); nausea, diarrhea, water breaking, more frequent and more intense contractions, or back pain.


  • Learn the signs for postpartum depression.
  • You may find yourself doing some last-minute cleaning and organizing, called “nesting.”
  • Time to wrap things up and be ready in case your baby comes early.
  • Have contact information ready for those who you’ll want to announce the birth to.
  • Make sure you have some easy meals planned.

Updated May 1, 2019

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