Pregnancy Week 29 - Week 30

Baby Growth

  • Size is approximately 15.71 inches and 2.91 pounds.
  • Your baby is now the size of a red cabbage.
  • Your baby’s eyesight is continuing to develop.
  • Your baby might be smiling already!
  • Wrinkles are forming in your baby’s brain as it continues to get bigger.
  • Your baby’s bone marrow is producing red blood cells.


You & Your Body

  • You may find your balance is a little off!
  • You are probably feeling more pokes and jabs from your baby.
  • Hemorrhoids, heartburn, constipation, and mood swings may worsen during this time.
  • Lying on your back may make cause a change in your heart rate and blood pressure and make you feel dizzy (“supine hypotensive syndrome”).


  • Let your doctor know if your baby’s movements have decreased as you count them. If you want to “wake up” your baby, you might try drinking some ice water, playing some music, or getting a partner massage.
  • Lie on your side and move slowly between sitting and standing, particularly if you are experiencing “supine hypotensive syndrome.”
  • Take note of what you’re eating if you’re experiencing heartburn.
  • Start stocking up on baby supplies, and prepare your hospital bag.
  • Consider cord blood banking.

Updated May 1, 2019

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