Pregnancy Week 25 - Week 26

Baby Growth

  • Size is approximately 14.02 inches and 1.68 pound.
  • Your baby is the size of kale.
  • More fat and more hair is developing, and your baby is also developing his or her immune system.
  • Your baby is breathing in the amniotic fluid, preparing for birth.

You & Your Body

  • Your doctor’s visits increase around this time as you get closer to delivery.
  • Typical symptoms at this time include: trouble sleeping, frequent urination, constipation, hemorrhoids, bloating, heartburn, pregnancy brain, headaches, higher blood pressure, and Braxton Hicks contractions.


  • Consider a warm bath or hot or cold compress for some of the aches and pains you may be experiencing.
  • Remember to drink plenty of fluids and get enough fiber to avoid constipation and hemorrhoids.
  • Avoid twisting and bending at the same time.
  • Plan your maternity leave.
  • Think about your birth plan: what conditions and environment would you like for labor?
  • Continue exercising, but keep these tips in mind: follow your doctor’s guidance; don’t exercise when experiencing pain, dizziness, tiredness, or shortness of breath; don’t like on your back; and avoid contact sports.

Updated May 1, 2019

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