Dr. Haebe's Guide to Getting Pregnant Quickly with Premom: Cycle 3


Now that you’re a few cycles into the conception process and likely accustomed to using predictive tools -- such as ovulation testing and cervical mucus testing -- and confirmatory tools, such as BBT testing, you may be at a crossroads.

Are your cycles irregular? Are you seeing some inconsistent patterns with ovulation testing? Is your BBT spike missing? 

At Premom our goal is to provide you with all the resources you need to optimize your chances of conceiving naturally. If you’re starting to feel stuck in your conception process, it may be a great time to consider scheduling a virtual consultation through your Premom app with one of our fertility experts!

Premom Pregnancy Advisors come from all different backgrounds and you can pick the best option for your needs. Our team is comprised of certified Fertility Awareness Method specialists, registered nurses, nurse practitioners, medical doctors, naturopathic doctors and midwives. 

A virtual consultation may be just what you need if you are:

  • Wondering why you still aren’t pregnant
  • Curious if you are tracking BBT, LH and CM correctly
  • Wondering what the next steps in your fertility journey should be
  • Unsure about your intercourse timing
  • Confused by your irregular cycles 

A visit with a FAM instructor provides you with fundamental insight into your char: discussion of your BBT, ovulation test strips and cervical mucus observations. They can help identify issues in intercourse timing, when and how you take BBT, or how you are utilizing ovulation tests. 

ovulation tracking and luteal phase defect

What could be going on with these irregular cycles?

PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)

PCOS is a common endocrine disorder that tends to present itself with irregular cycles, dark hair growth on chin, upper lip or nipples, acne and elevated insulin levels.  If you suspect that this may be an issue for you, consider working with one of your fertility experts or scheduling an appointment with your primary care physician for a deeper look into your hormone levels. They may want to run some blood tests and check for cystic ovaries with an ultrasound.

Luteal Phase Defect

Are your cycles on the short side? Are there less than 10 days between the day you ovulate and when your period begins? 

You could be experiencing a phenomenon called luteal phase defect, which is a fancy way of saying that a fertilized egg may not be able to fully implant and signal pregnancy to your body before your body begins sloughing the endometrium for your next period. The luteal phase should typically last 11-17 days; if the second half of your cycle is shorter than this, it warrants a bit more investigation. 

Consider working with one of our fertility experts to troubleshoot any errors while TTC or talk to your gynecologist to identify the cause of these short cycles. 

LH Surge- Are you missing yours?

Hopefully you are using ovulation tests to predict your ovulation and using BBT to confirm ovulation, but what if your LH surge is missing? Some women experience a gradual rise in luteinizing hormone over the course of 1-5 days, while other women experience a rapid LH surge that spikes in a matter of hours. If you can’t seem to catch your LH surge, begin using ovulation test two times daily, in case you have a rapid LH surge! (Learn more about the two surge types here.)

Test your LH once in the morning and again in the afternoon for at least one cycle; you may also consider switching to Premom quantitative ovulation tests to get a better grasp on your LH levels. We find best results when LH is tested between 10am and 8pm and water intake is kept consistent on a day-to-day basis surrounding your testing time. 

Are you doing everything right? Need some reassurance?

Maybe you’d sleep better once you’ve confirmed that you are doing everything correctly for tracking your cycle and timing intercourse.  Consider chatting with one of our Fertility Awareness Method instructors  through the Premom app; our fertility experts are here to provide insight, support and tips to help you conceive with ease. Consider scheduling a visit once monthly for the next few months for help in staying consistent with your conception process, for answers to any questions that may arise, and for a continuous beacon of support that helps you never feel alone. 

Dr. Patti Haebe is a results-obsessed naturopathic doctor. She specializes in pre-conception preparation, fertility and hormone optimization. She is committed to root-cause healing through therapeutic supplementation as well as targeted diet and lifestyle modifications.  Her virtual practice, Ocotillo Integrative Medicine, provides integrative consultations worldwide via webcam for those looking to incorporate natural, proactive approaches to their healthcare and fertility journey. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Haebe right through your Premom app! 

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