○ Select your own availability and pricing

○ Gain access to Premom’s growing community

○ Bring your existing client base with you

○ Data-based consultations allow for earlier intervention and eliminates precious time

○ Payments are securely processed through the app and available upon completion of each consultation

○ Pricing minimums are in place for each profession to prevent under-cutting
○ Our healthcare advisors provide direct influence to our app’s development and business decisions
○ Build your own profile and link your practice/website to stand out
○ Join one of our Provider Spotlight or Panel Series to showcase your experience, special interests, and personality
○ Join our Premom Partners Facebook group and engage, network, and grow with other fertility specialists around the world

Interested? Contact Us for More Information and Onboarding Requirements at Partner@Premom.com

Are you a fertility expert looking for new ways to support women trying to conceive?

Are You a Fertility Expert Passionate About Women's Health? Join Our Network!

The First Data-Based Virtual Fertility Consultation Service


Our network of fertility advisors assist our growing member base. We focus on natural conception methods at the preliminary stages of the trying to conceive journey. Our specialists have access to months of fertility data our members track allowing for data-based consultations at the first meeting and eliminating precious time.


Interested? Contact us for more information and onboarding requirements at Partner@Premom.com


Who Are We Seeking?

Natural Family Planning Specialists, Fertility Awareness Method Instructors, Obstetricians (MD, DO, Nurses, PA), Gynecologists (MD, DO, Nurses, PA), Reproductive Endocrinologists (MD, DO, Nurses, PA), Primary Care Physicians, Naturopathic Doctors (ND, NMD), Functional Medicine Doctors (MD, and ND), Hormone Health Coaches, Health and Wellness Instructors, Nurse Midwives, Women’s Health Nurse Practitioners, Fertility-Focused Naturopaths



Benefits for Advisors

We continue to evolve new ways to provide the best advantages and support to our Partners. Here are some of the ways Premom can benefit you:

  • Exposure to hundreds of new potential clients
  • Choose your own schedule and price point
  • Expand your health network and meet new professionals
  • Technical support help
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