At Home Insemination: What are Possible Pros and Cons

Sep 07, 2022 | Kacie Shrock, RN, BSN

An at-home insemination, also referred to as an Intravaginal Insemination (IVI), is a method of achieving pregnancy without traditional intercourse, using sperm either from your partner or from a sperm donor. It is normally done outside of the doctor’s office, typically within one’s home. During a home insemination, the sperm are placed at the top of the vagina near the cervix, using a needleless syringe. 

Pros and Cons of an at-home insemination

While an at-home insemination is a popular option for those trying to conceive, there are a few pros and cons a woman or couple may consider before making the choice.

Pros of an at-Home Insemination 

  • IVI is a lot cheaper
  • Less invasive compared to IUI or IVF
  • Does not require a lot of testing or fertility medications compared to an IUI or IVF. 
  • Personal comfort of being in your own home. 
  • Does not require sexual intercourse. 
Things to consider for an at-home insemination

Home inseminations are a great option for single mothers by choice, couples with differing schedules, male performance issues, same sex couples or those who are struggling with intercourse timing or erectile dysfunction. They are more affordable than IVF or IUI, costing only $20-$150 dollars without donor sperm compared to other fertility treatment options which could cost thousands. 

Cons of an at-Home Insemination 

  • Lack of monitoring done by a fertility specialist. 

  • Damage to the female reproductive tract. 

    • It is important to note that when doing a home insemination, you should not be attempting anything more invasive than  intravaginal insemination, meaning the sperm should not be placed any further than into the vagina. Anything further such as an intracervical insemination or intrauterine insemination should be done with a licensed and specialty provider to ensure safety precautions are being met to prevent risks of damage. 
  • Unregulated sperm donations.

    • If you are choosing a sperm donor, you want to ensure you choose a well known sperm bank that meets regulations so you know that you are getting a good quality and safe sample. 

At-home inseminations do provide a more cost effective, more personal, and more private artificial insemination experience. However, if you do opt for home insemination, it’s important to stick to an intravaginal insemination only, so you do not put yourself at risk. 

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While there may be some Pros and Cons to home inseminations, it is best to discuss your history and plans to conceive with your provider. This is also a great time to have any preconception testing done before you start on your trying to conceive journey. 

If you want more information on at-home inseminations, you can read about the Process of and at-home insemination here.

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