Premom Reveals Outcome of Achieving Pregnancy Using Premom and Easy@Home Ovulation Tests

Objective: To determine the effectiveness of achieving pregnancy by using the Premom app and easy@Home ovulation tests.

Methods: Consistent users' effectiveness study up to 12 cycles.

Participants: 8930 North American Premom users. 

Criteria to select users:

1. Each user has consistently used Premom up to 12 cycles, unless she is pregnant within 12 cycles

2. User has detected “Peak” by Premom in each cycle.

3. For LH & BBT combo-method users, detecting BBT spike per cycle is required.


Result: There were 7637 pregnancies among the 7637 participants with an overall pregnancy rate of 100% within 11 menstrual cycles who use Premom and easy@Home ovulation tests consistently. There were 1293 pregnancies (100%) among the 1293 women using the easy@Home ovulation tests and BBT consistently within 12 cycles.

Conclusion: Consistent usage of ovulation tests with the Premom ovulation predictor app for 11 months, with recognized LH peak, can achieve a 100% pregnancy rate. With Premom ovulation app, ovulation tests alone or combo-method users are able to achieve the same pregnancy rate. With the same commitment level, the number of combo-method users is 75% less than the single LH test users.

Pregnancy Rate within Maximum 12 Cycles

Premom App Users with Easy@Home Ovulation Tests Only

Premom App Users with Combo-method of Easy@Home Ovulation Tests and BBT

 *Please note that we cannot guarantee pregnancy. All data used in this report is from a sampled selection of Premom North American users.

Data Report Date: 10/18/2019
Data Source: Premom Data Analysis Team extracting directly from Premom’s Data System
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