Pregnancy Week 17 - Week 18

Baby Growth

  • Size is approximately 5.59 inches and 6.70 ounces.
  • Your baby is the size of a cucumber.
  • Your baby’s cartilage is turning to bone, and he or she is gaining more fat.
  • Myelin, a protective nerve insulation is continuing to develop.
  • A stronger umbilical cord is developing.
  • Your baby is working on mastering survival skills: stretching, kicking, sucking, swallowing, and yawning.

You & Your Body

  • Your baby is starting to kick harder!
  • Symptoms these two weeks may include increased bodily fluids, strange dreams, itchy breasts and stomach, stretch marks, increased appetite, swollen hands or feet, backaches, leg cramps, varicose veins, trouble sleeping, nose bleeds, and heart burn.


  • Find a soothing moisturizer to help with the itchy skin and stretch marks.
  • Try adding magnesium and extra fluids for those cramps and restless legs.
  • Plan your maternity leave.
  • Decide if you will find out your baby’s gender.
  • Try a heating pad or back stretches for backaches.
  • If experiencing heart burn – even if you’re avoiding spicy foods – try out these tips: eat slowly and chew completely, eat smaller meals and snacks, sit up for hours after eating, and sleep with your head elevated.

Updated May 1, 2019

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