Premom Premium Membership: Your Next Step in Getting Pregnant Quickly and Naturally

Premom Ovulation Tracker Membership
Updated April 15, 2022, **Membership Available in Your Premom Ovulation App!**

Looking to get pregnant?  The free Premom Ovulation Tracker app was inspired by women like you, designed to make the fertility-tracking experience simple and efficient for those trying to conceive quickly and easily.

Premom is proud to have created an easily accessible ovulation tracking app, downloaded by millions of users since its launch and developed and based on the company’s Amazon best-selling Easy@Home ovulation test kit that has supported countless women in their family planning goals.


"After trying for a couple of months I purchased the ovulation kit and membership and after the first month I got a positive pregnancy test. It takes effort to track everything (LH, BBT, etc.), but totally worth it!"

- ROrt103, Premom Member


Introducing Premom Premium!

Experience a new level of excitement with Premom Premium membership! Whether you're new to testing, seeking feedback on your ovulation tracking practices, or in need of expert assistance, unlock the full potential of your Easy@Home and Premom purchase with exclusive benefits.

Elevate your fertility journey with Premom's Premium Membership plan, providing an unparalleled fertility experience. Gain access to a complete fertility package that includes ovulation test kit for precise tracking and recording, physician-designed content and cycle reports, as well as prompt and reliable support from fertility experts. Don't settle for anything less when it comes to your fertility goals-unlock this compressive fertility package by subscribing to Premom Premium today!

How to Subscribe

Join easily right through the app and empower yourself to take charge of your fertility!

  1. Download the free Premom Ovulation Tracker app available on both iOS and Android.
  2. Tap “Membership” on your homepage
  3. Select the plan that is best for you!  

What You Get from Premom Premium Membership

Select your preferred Premom plan to enjoy exclusive access to these Premom app perks:

  • Free Ovulation Test Kit*: receive our best-seller Easy@Home Ovulation Test kit*!
  • Cycle Comparison Report: an extensive cycle comparison to compare your past 3 cycles and observe unique patterns in fertile windows, moods, and symptoms
  • Cycle Analysis Report: a comprehensive analysis of your cycle that includes suggestions for improving your tracking and enhancing your chances of conception
  • Cycle Gallery: sample fertility charts to better understand your cycles or to compare your cycle patterns to common cycle abnormalities
  • Expert Answers Library: a growing collection of answers to fertility questions asked by users like you!
  • Ask An Expert: submit your questions to a fertility expert and receive a reliable response within one business day!
  • Register for Webinars: Go to the in-app Community Calendar to register for membership exclusive webinars held weekly with one of our Fertility Experts. These include Chart Interpretations, Fertility Q&A, topic-based discussions, and more!

Is a Premom Membership Right for You?

For some women, the Premom app in itself is enough, and the app and renowned ovulation test reader feature will continue to be available free for download on all devices. However, Premom’s mission is to continually innovate and provide the best support for all women on the pregnancy journey.  As every individual is different, Premom has designed its membership to be customized for your unique journey.

If you’re looking for additional support or to fast-track your conception process, this advanced membership offers actionable insights into your cycle tracking, personalized advice from fertility experts, and a pattern of success for a higher chance of pregnancy. 

Ready to get started? Subscribe for a Premium Membership plan and fast-track your journey to pregnancy!

Tap here to download Premom Ovulation Tracker.


Our professional customer service team is eager to assist! Contact us at or call us at 1.855.822.6999.


*Free test kit is available for select countries and plans.

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