Why Do You Need a Quantitative Ovulation Test? Get a Smart Pregnancy Map

Nov 24, 2020

If you have tried for over 6 months to get pregnant but still have not succeeded, we recommend a quantitative LH Test and a smart pregnancy map. 

What difference can a quantitative test make?

To put it simply, before today you could only find your peak, high and low LH levels, but from now on you have a chance to quantify your LH level from 0 up to 80 mIU/mL and to see your results in a complete and detailed chart of your ovulation cycle.

We call the whole solution your “Smart Pregnancy Map.”  If getting pregnant successfully is the destination, the chart will show you how you will get there, and -- more importantly -- show you where you are on your map, all the way to the destination.        

How does it work?  

First you need a more precise quantitative ovulation test. It has bold and clear lines and will gradually change as your LH Level changes, so a machine can read it more accurately.  See the example below:

Some people have asked: “Without a machine, I still have to read the line change visually -- how can I quantify the LH Level?”

Great question. In order to have a quantitative test results, you do need a machine to read the test result and give a numeric result.  However, we don’t want you to pay for the machine. So, we have developed a solution for you. A free one.   

Our expert scientists -- who created those clear, bold lines -- have also integrated an accurate reading algorithm into an app, which enables your phone to work as “the baby machine”.

With the picture you upload to the app, the exact LH Level will appear and align simultaneously. See the example below.




Is that enough?  No.  A Smart Pregnancy Map should show us how to get there and where we are all the time, right? Then here is an even smarter part of the app— the chart. It will automatically take all your LH level numbers and show you an intuitive picture of your ovulation cycle and your most fertile day.  See below.

If you would like to log other fertility data, all of your information will show up in the same chart. Then, you will not only have a complete picture of your whole cycle, you will also have a whole picture of all of your baby signs.               

Now it is time to tell you the names of these smart tools.

They are the Premom Quantitative Ovulation Tests and the Premom Ovulation Calculator App you can download in the Apple Store or in Google Play.

They work together, empowering you to make your baby dreams come true.

Watch this video to learn more!

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