Why You Should Check Your BBT Online


If you're trying to conceive or simply seeking a deeper understanding of your reproductive health, here’s a game-changing tool for you: monitoring your basal body temperature (BBT) online. Let’s look at what BBT is, how it plays a crucial role in natural conception, what to expect while tracking it, and the incredible benefits of going digital.

check your bbt online

What Is Basal Body Temperature?

Basal body temperature refers to your body's lowest temperature at complete rest, typically measured first thing in the morning after a restful night’s sleep. 

During your menstrual cycle, your BBT fluctuates due to hormonal changes. Tracking these temperature variations provide insights into your fertility health, helps you identify your most fertile days, and confirms ovulation.

What Does High and Low Basal Body Temperature Mean?

Following ovulation, your BBT rises around 0.5°F (0.3°C) to 1°F (0.6°C) and remains elevated until the start of your next cycle. This increase in temperature is due to the corpus luteum releasing the hormone progesterone after the egg is released. This sustained rise in BBT is a strong indicator that ovulation occurred – Hello two-week-wait!

A lower BBT is a sign that you’re in the pre-ovulation phase, also known as your follicular phase.  During this time, your body prepares to release an egg and the hormone estrogen is dominant.  In contrast to progesterone causing a temperature increase, estrogen promotes a lower temperature.

Though these are common reasons for low and high BBTs, they could be related to an underlying condition. If you feel that your BBT patterns aren’t correlating with your cycle, feel free to reach out to your doctor as it could be related to a hormonal imbalance.

The Importance of BBT for Getting Pregnant Naturally

Tracking your BBT is your secret weapon for better understanding your cycle. By monitoring your daily temperature, you identify your cycle’s pattern and confirm ovulation. Right before you ovulate, your BBT tends to be low. After ovulation, it rises and stays elevated until the start of your next cycle. By charting these temperature shifts, you determine your fertile window, which is the only time you can get pregnant during your cycle. Let the baby dancing begin!

What To Expect with BBT Monitoring

Monitoring your BBT is simple and fuss-free, but it's essential to establish a routine for accurate results. You’ll need a BBT thermometer specifically designed for tracking fertility, like this Easy@Home smart basal thermometer. It automatically syncs and charts your temperatures in the free Premom app – talk about simplicity!

Here’s the best way to accurately track your BBT:

  1. Make sure to get 3 consecutive hours of uninterrupted sleep.
  2. Set an alarm on your phone at the same each morning to take your temperature.
  3. Immediately upon waking, before getting out of bed, take your temperature, upload it to the Premom app, and viola!

Benefits of Tracking Your BBT Online

By utilizing a fertility app, like Premom, you can expect:

  • Convenience: Easily record and access your temperature data anytime, anywhere, using your smartphone or computer. No more manual note-taking or losing those precious paper charts.

  • Accuracy: Eliminate the risk of human error by avoiding manually charting your temperature on a graph, bonus points if you let a Bluetooth BBT do the uploading for you. Plus, it’s much easier on the eyes!

  • Trend Analysis: Identify recurring patterns over multiple cycles to better predict and understand your cycle. This helps you plan intercourse on your most fertile days.

  • Data Visualization: Seeing your temperatures on a visually appealing chart makes it easier to interpret your patterns and observe the changes throughout your cycle.

  • Ovulation Monitoring: When combined with other fertility awareness methods like monitoring cervical mucus and using ovulation predictor kits, you can feel confident and empowered during your trying to conceive journey.

  • Community Support: Join a supportive community to connect with other women on a similar journey. Ask questions, share your thoughts, and learn something new every day!

Tracking your BBT online can be a game-changer when it comes to understanding your reproductive health and increasing your chances of conceiving naturally. So, grab your phone and let the digital magic of Premom unfold!

Medically Reviewed by Dr. Patti Haebe

Premom Ovulation Tracking and Fertility App


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