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Updated on January 25th, 2022

If you already know that the first step to getting pregnant fast is to know if and when you've ovulated, then the Premom app chart is here to help you find out - quickly and accurately.  

Through our numerous case studies, we have concluded that double-method ovulation prediction is most effective in helping you successfully find your ovulation time.  (And NOW we have even more options for you!)

How does it work?

Ovulation happens within 24-48 hours of the LH peak, and BBT temperature spikes 24-48 hours after ovulation. Though LH Tests are the most commonly used ovulation prediction method, basal body temperature charting makes a nice complement, particularly for women who struggle to interpret their LH tests.  If both ovulation tests and BBT temping predict the same ovulation time, you be more confident in the accuracy of your ovulation prediction.

A lot of women know this concept, but they are concerned about the time-consuming and intensive labor it may involve. Premom’s dual-charting makes it simple for you.

In your chart, you can see the LH progression, LH Surge, and BBT temps in the graph, and  below you can see your period and cycle days, sex days, and cervical mucus.

In the chart below you can see a typical chart for a pregnant woman.   The LH Peak and BBT Spike correspond to each other for a complete and accurate prediction. The resulting ovulation window is a perfect baby sign!  

Ovulation Prediction, LH level peak, LH Surge, Premom app

You can have your own beautiful chart by simply uploading the pictures of your test results and connected the easy@home basal thermometer to your phone via bluetooth.

What’s even MORE awesome is that the Premom team has proudly launched the Premom quantitative ovulation tests, the first company offering this type of tests in the US. They are more sensitive and precise, showing a more detailed LH level change in the Premom chart.  

Your ovulation prediction has been upgraded another notch!

BBT Spike, LH Testing, LH Peak

Ready to get started? Download Premom HERE today to get pregnant quickly and naturally!



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