Premom Tips

How to Get the Best from Your Ovulation Tracker

  Looking to get the best results from your ovulation calculator app?  Here are our top 3 tips for the best Premom predictions. Tip #3: Log your period accurately and consistently. Log the start day and end day of every period cycle.   A critical part of the Premom algorithm is your period data.  For accurate ovulation day predictions, you must continually update your period information. Tip #2: Use a Double-Check Method.    Period tracking is a start, but there can be variations within a woman’s cycle.  Also, no tracking method is 100% accurate, particularly for those who have challenging fertility...

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Picture Taking Tips for Getting the Best Ovulation Calculation

The Premom digital reader is a hit! Just as in any testing and tracking: above all, consistency in your practice is key. Here are some tips from the Premom Team AND from our "Get Pregnant Fast with Premom" Facebook Group to get your best ovulation test result readings. Tips from the Premom Team: ( C= Control   &   T=Test  )  Perfectly within brackets: Take the picture at 5 minutes, after testing, to get the clearest test window. Make sure your C Line, T line, and strip are within the green brackets, and the test strip fits snuggly inside the frame. Too high:...

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