Premom User Edition

Surges, Peaks, and Ovulation

  What matters most to get pregnant fast? Know your fertile window. How do you know it? Find the Ovulation day with LH Tests. What’s the difference between LH surge, peak, and ovulation? Watch this quick video to find out!  

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When to Baby Dance

How do you get pregnant fast? It’s all about timing! Learn about your “fertile window” and give yourself the best chance to get pregnant. Watch this quick video to find out more! Transcript: Hello, Premom family!  And welcome to Premom’s 3rd User Edition! Here’s our question of the week: When is the best time to baby dance (have intercourse)? To answer today’s question, we’re going to talk about your fertile window: the only time during your fertility cycle that you have a chance of getting pregnant.  Your fertile window is the 5 days leading up to ovulation day, ovulation day,...

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