Pregnancy Week 31

31 weeks pregnant


Baby Growth at 31 Weeks Pregnant

Welcome to week 31! This week your baby is about 16.5 inches and 3.8 lbs. That’s roughly the size of a coconut.

The baby is not only growing in size, but the brain is changing as well. It’s developing at a faster rate than in any weeks prior and nerve cells are establishing connections – billions of them actually. 

Your baby is working overtime right now in preparation for their big birthday debut. All five senses are fully developed by week 31. As your little one prepares for the real world, you may also notice that they’ve developed a sleep schedule of their own and have a more patterned time of being awake, active, or asleep. 

Baby is already working on their sleep schedule! You may notice your baby is starting to develop a pattern of sleeping and wakefulness as time progresses. Just remember to do your kick counts daily to ensure baby is A-okay! 


31 weeks pregnant


You and Your Body at Pregnancy 31 Weeks

With two months left to go, the baby’s growth will continue to press on your uterus. That means there’s less room left for your bladder and you will become a frequent bathroom visitor. 

Your uterus is currently about 4 inches above the belly button, pushing up against other organs in addition to the bladder. Your lungs will not be able to expand as much as they did before pregnancy, resulting in some shortness of breath. 

No need to worry; the baby will get plenty of oxygen from the placenta, and this will eventually improve as your due date approaches. As for now, practice good posture and sleep in a propped-up position on your left side to give your lungs more room to move while you're asleep.

In the coming weeks, baby will shift positions downward into your pelvis area to prepare for birth which will leave more room for the organs it’s currently pushing up against.

With the baby working overtime on their own body growth, your body – being the nutrient source for the both of you – will tire much faster. Take this opportunity to rest as much as you can. Once the baby is born, you are going to be one busy mama bear!

After the baby is born, you and your partner will most likely experience less alone time and a bit of sleep deprivation. So as long as your doctor signs off on it, you can still be intimate at this stage of pregnancy. This might leave you wondering how the little one is going to react… In most cases, your baby will either be sound asleep due to the rhythmic movements or they will be up for a dance party. Either way, baby is totally protected, so no need to worry. Have fun!

Typical Symptoms at 31 Weeks Pregnant

Here we are; the fun part again. Third trimester pregnancy symptoms.

The good news is that there aren’t necessarily many new symptoms in week 31, which may be a relief. There’s a lot on your plate already with your body in this less than comfortable stage of pregnancy. 

You may experience some ongoing headaches and backaches. Remembering things might not be your strongest suit anymore, but don’t feel bad. If something pops into your head, make a note in your phone or write it down on something nearby to help jog your memory later. 

Clumsiness is normal and will be likely until delivery day is here. The bump has now made your feet magically disappear so be sure to practice caution when walking, exercising, and navigating stairs.

Pregnancy Week 31 Tips and Advice

Since things are a bit more crowded internally, some changes will have to be made to adjust to the lack of space. Smaller and more frequent meals can make digestion a lot easier on your stomach. 

Drink lots of water – and not just for the sake of being hydrated. Yes – water is essential but another main reason is to help regulate your body temperature as it’s working hard to grow your little one. It also helps replenish any water lost through sweating. 

Your feet may have grown half a size bigger due to swelling in the third trimester. Put the heels away for now and stick to comfy flats if you’re more comfortable doing so. 

Your workout routine has likely changed and involves a lot more low impact exercises these days. Remember, boxing, skiing, horseback riding and other activities are not recommended during pregnancy. Even yoga may be getting tricky as your bump grows each week and you’ll want to avoid twisting and other unsafe positions. Light stretching is recommended and can help with all the discomfort in week 31. If you’re really craving a more intense workout, be sure to check with your doctor first. 

Preparation is key! This could be a good week to pack your hospital bag if you have yet to do so. Other than the essentials for baby, pack some of your favorite items as well. Lip balm, skin care, snacks, a pillow, pajamas, and comfy socks are a great place to start. 

Two months to go, you got this momma! 



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