Pregnancy Tips

Trying to Conceive? Top 5 Premom Pregnancy Tips

  You’re thinking about having a baby.  But are you giving yourself and your baby the best chance for a successful, healthy pregnancy and delivery?  Here are our top 5 tips of what to focus on even before you get pregnant! 1. Add Supplementation Did you know that it’s best to add supplementation before you are pregnant, even a month before you are trying to conceive?  Choose the right multivitamin for you and make sure it includes the recommended dosage of folic acid to support your baby’s development and reduce the risk of certain birth defects. 2. Exercise If you’re...

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Pregnancy Week by Week

Pregnancy Week 1 - Week 2

Baby Growth  Where’s my baby?  Did you know that for doctors to maintain consistency, your pregnancy start date is actually marked by the first day of your last period?  Unless you have a very short follicular phase  -- the phase before ovulation -- there’s not even a baby yet!  You & Your Body  Besides that positive pregnancy test indicating raised hCG levels, watch for that rise in your BBT, staying up to indicate your progesterone levels are staying elevated to support a growing embryo. Tips If you haven’t already, add folic acid supplementation to your daily nutrition (through an approved...

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Pregnancy Week 3 - Week 4

Baby Growth Size of a grain of salt. Your baby’s organs begin to develop. Your baby is considered an “embryo.” You & Your Body Possible pregnancy symptoms at this time include fatigue, morning sickness, food cravings and aversions, breast tenderness, frequent urination, spotting (from implantation), bloating, and a heightened sensitivity to smell. No baby bump yet! Tips Your baby is already exposed to whatever you are taking in. Plan a healthy, well-rounded diet.  But do NOT “eat for two” at this time.  Most doctors don’t recommend a consumption increase until your second trimester.  Drink plenty of water. Kick those unhealthy...

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