Why Are My Ovulation Test Peaks Low? Am I Not Ovulating?

Why are my ovulation tests so low? What low ovulation test peaks mean.


October 8, 2019 | By Laura Stevenson

Tracking your fertility can seem complicated, but it doesn't have to be.  Knowing what patterns to look for and keeping an open mind about your ovulation cycle can reduce stress.

Comparing Cycles

Your ovulation test results can vary from cycle to cycle.  Comparing your results between cycles is not always best . The Premom App will automatically assign a result for your ovulation test.

How Does Premom Accommodate Lower Levels?

If the LH highest ratio value (peak) in your previous cycle was below 0.8, then the app will adjust to the following:

Less than 0.5 = Low
Greater than or Equal to 0.5 = High / Peak

Note: Keep Testing Through "Peak"! 

In these circumstances, once a ratio reaches 0.5 in the current cycle, the app will be triggered to begin identifying "peak", and will automatically mark the highest ratio value as peak.  Keep testing until your levels are done rising and begin to drop again.  As you continue to test, the app will continue to adjust and choose the highest ratio value in that ovulation cycle as your peak for the cycle.

The Two LH Surge Patterns

There are two LH surge patterns: Gradual (high days for 2-6 days) or Rapid (< 1 day). When you test all the way through your fertile window you can gather information to see your pattern. Knowing the pattern will help you understand your fertility and flow.

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I did not get at least a .5 ratio -- Did I ovulate?

It is possible you still ovulated, even though your highest recorded test levels fall below 0.80 – 0.50.   Some women can fall in a lower spectrum of LH metabolite levels. If this is the case, target the days 0.50 or above as your potential ovulation day. The Premom app will automatically select your high / peak even if it falls below 0.80, as long as it is 0.50 or higher. 

You also may have missed your peak.  You may have a rapid LH onset pattern that can make it harder to catch your peak.  Other reasons could be not testing enough during your cycle or during the day -- or simply needing to use less diluted urine samples. Retest later in the day if you are unsure of your LH level.  Learn more about best practices for ovulation tests here.

Need to Double-Check?

If still unsure, basal temp.  We offer an easy@Home Bluetooth basal thermometer that pairs with the Premom app. Basal temping confirms ovulation, while ovulation tests predict it.  Learn more about basal body temperature tracking here. It is recommended to use both fertility tracking methods throughout the menstrual cycle and see where the coverline falls. Women who use both ovulation tests and BBT tracking tend to have an easier time pinpointing their ovulation day and getting pregnant quicker. 

When in doubt, reach out via the support tab in the Premom app for added assistance.

Baby dust headed your way!



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