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Surges and Peaks: Gradual Onset

There is a myth about LH Testing: most women expect they will only receive one positive ovulation test result during a cycle. They are confused if they have more than one, especially when it lasts for a few days.   Women who have multiple positive results have a  gradual onset LH surge.  According to a recent study, over half (57.1%) of studied women have this type. With this type, you may see multiple positive ovulation test results for more than one day before reaching the darkest line at the peak.   There are three types within the gradual onset pattern: TYPE 1:...

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How to Use Ovulation Tests

There are five important questions you need to answer for how to use ovulation tests.  When do you start ovulation testing?   To make sure you won’t miss your LH surge in any situation, here are suggested starting times: What is the best time of day for testing? Test any time in the afternoon from 11:00AM - 4:00PM, as this is when LH level tends to be highest, and you won’t miss the peak. How often should I run the test per day?   How DO YOU KNOW FOR SURE that the test WORKED correctly? The two most important factors are urine...

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