How to Get Pregnant Fast

Why Do You Need a Quantitative Ovulation Test? Get a Smart Pregnancy Map

May 1, 2019 If you have tried for over 6 months to get pregnant but still have not succeeded, we recommend a quantitative LH Test and a smart pregnancy map.  What difference can a quantitative test make? To put it simply, before today you could only find your peak, high and low LH levels, but from now on you have a chance to quantify your LH level from 0 up to 80 mIU/mL and to see your results in a complete and detailed chart of your ovulation cycle. We call the whole solution your “Smart Pregnancy Map.”  If getting pregnant...

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Premom Helps Make Natural IVF Easy and Efficient

June 13, 2019 Pregnancy happens when an egg is fertilized by a sperm.    It sounds simple, but when your doctor has talked with you about in vitro fertilization (IVF) or intrauterine insemination (IUI). it is no longer so simple.  Both IVF and IUI require taking medication to stimulate ovulation on a designed schedule. Perhaps you can’t -- or won't -- take medications. Is there anything else you can do? Before today, the answer was mostly "no". But now, we can tell you "yes"!  You have options. First, let's review how IVF and IUI work, so you understand the different options. How does...

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What You Need to Know About Ovulation Dysfunction

Ovulation dysfunction is the cause of infertility in about 20% to 40% of all couples who have issues trying to conceive, but it’s still not well understood. Ovulation dysfunction isn’t a single condition. It’s a generic term for a group of fertility issues that cause a woman to have irregular or absent menstrual cycles. To learn specifically about ovulation dysfunction and PCOS, read our articles PCOS Types and Treatments and What is PCOS and What are the Symptoms? There’s a lot of confusion surrounding the term "ovulation dysfunction", especially since people tend to view ovulation as a single event, rather than the...

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How to Get Pregnant Naturally

How to Get Pregnant Naturally with Premom

Many women look for ways to get pregnant naturally when first deciding that they want to have a child. The benefits of planning a natural pregnancy include having personal control over one’s own pregnancy, avoiding artificial methods that may be invasive or expensive, and a more conscious awareness of one’s overall health during the fertility process. If you have any pregnancy questions, it may be a good idea to begin here. 1. Educate yourself about pregnancy — know the hormones LH, PdG, HCG, and how they affect your body and your pregnancy. There are three major hormones that are especially...

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Premom User Edition

Surges, Peaks, and Ovulation

  What matters most to get pregnant fast? Know your fertile window. How do you know it? Find the Ovulation day with LH Tests. What’s the difference between LH surge, peak, and ovulation? Watch this quick video to find out!  

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